1. We are owned and run by skaters!

Ain't no-one as passionate and caring about skating as we are! We have been deep in the skate community for over 17 years as skaters and are widely respected in our skate circle. So we absolutely have a vested interest in giving you an excellent experience as well as excellent skates! This also means we know lots of stuff about rollerskates too. We have a HUGE amount of accumulated knowledge - we're basically walking encyclopedias!

2. We have a physical store as well as online

You can try on boots and skates as well as look at products in person AND speak to a real live human. Our specialty is our skate fitting service where we spend a whole heap of time with you getting the right fit. In fact sometimes customers spend upwards of 3 hours choosing their dream skates!

3. Our stock

We are like an Aladdin's Cave of rollerskates! We have full fitting stock of most of our major brands and unique access to many more products that we can custom order in for you. We often operate as a J.I.T (Just In Time) business which means we keep small amounts of stock in the shop and re-order in often. This means we can constantly update our products, getting in the latest things for you and we're not sitting on huge amounts of old products. If you don't see something on our site but know it exists....contact us and we very well might get it in for you! All our online orders are fulfiled from the stock we have at our physical premises, so we always know what's available. In order to be able to carry as many items as possible and give you the most amount of stuff to choose from, some things we order especially in for you at the point of purchase.

4. Our Distance Fitting Service

Created in 2019, we realised we had many UK customers who simply couldn't get in to see us. So we started this service where we can send multiple sizes of skate boots to you to try on at home, then once you've decided we mount them up and you got yourself a new pair o' rollerskates. This has been super successful in getting the right fitting boots for our customers across the country.

5. Postage tracking, Easy Returns and Exchanges

We send all our items tracked and our system sends you an email with the tracking number so you know exactly when to expect your order. We have a returns and exchanges portal accessible from your customer profile on our website which enables you to request returns and receive returns labels via Royal Mail or Parcelforce.

6. Personalised Website Content and Product Knowledge

Since day 1 we have always photographed our products in house against our iconic DTS back drop. We want you to know that we have physically looked at and tested most products in our store. When we get new products in, we can then write about them from experience. You'll find our product descriptions, blogs and FAQs full of personalised content rather than just cut and pasted from the manufacturer's website.

7. Savant-level dedication to knowing stuff

Want to know if that wheel will fit that axle? Which plate size will fit that boot? Which wide truck is compatible with which plate? Which boot you will fit based on what your current boot is despite the sizing being wackadoodle different? We can tell you because we have spent years worth of our time collating information, creating spreadsheets and compatibility charts.

8. We're Great When We Make Mistakes!

We can't get it right all the time but we reckon the mark of a great business is being able to get it right when we've got it wrong. Rest assured you won't need to get stern with us and start a fight to get a wrong righted. We want to make sure you'e happy so don't worry if you need to tell us we did a boo-boo!

9. We're Inclusive!

We are woman and queer owned. We are big fans of the LGBTQ+ folk, we are trans-inclusive and anti-racist. We support many local community groups and are a welcoming and safe space for those who belong to marginalised communities.

10. Free Stuff!

Everyone likes free stuff right? We always include goodies in your online orders and when we send your gear out. 

Wifa Skate Boots - STREET SUEDE

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Colour: Orange


🌈 WIFA Skate Boots: Quality and Customization Await! 🛼✨

🚨 Colour avalibility 🚨

  • Before diving into the world of WIFA skate boots, it's essential to note that WIFA is currently experiencing some stock issues, and certain colors are being discontinued. But don't worry; we've got your back. We'll keep you informed if the color/size you've ordered is no longer available. While we can't provide live stock access, we'll notify you once we've confirmed with WIFA.

Order Timings:

  • Our orders to WIFA are placed on the first business day of each month, and they typically arrive approximately two weeks later. Rest assured, these boots are proudly "MADE IN EUROPE!" 🇪🇺

👢 In-Shop Sizing Run:

  • In our physical store, we maintain a full sizing run of these boots for you to explore. Usually, we'll order them to create your custom build. On rare occasions, specific sizes may be out for distance fitting. If you're traveling a long way, please reach out in advance to ensure we have your size in stock.

📦 Immediate Availability:

  • Some sizes and colors are available for immediate purchase. Wait times can vary depending on stock availability but typically range from 3-4 weeks. If you're interested in a specific size/color, please contact us for more precise wait times. In cases where items are not in stock with Wifa, the wait time may extend up to 6 weeks.

💎 Unveil the Skate Package Options:

  • The full skate package option opens the door to a plethora of possibilities. Reach out to us for more information and discover about a "bajillion" available options!

👢 Discover Three Unique Models:

  • Wifa skate boots come in three distinct models: Street Suede, Street Deluxe, and Street Xtreme.

🌟 Discover the Versatile Street Suede Model 🌟

Introducing the Street Suede – a masterclass in craftsmanship and comfort! 👢

👞 Supple and Breathable Design:

  • The Street Suede model is characterized by its highly flexible upper crafted from soft and breathable suede leather, with a thickness of 1.4 mm. It's the epitome of luxury for your feet.
  • An inner leather lining, coupled with soft ankle padding, offers vital ankle support and protection. Say goodbye to wrinkles around the ankle area as you stride in style.
  • This model is purpose-built for everyday use, with its soft padding adorning both the tongue and shoe to provide unbeatable breathability and comfort.

👣 Enhanced Sole Structure:

  • The sole of these boots has undergone an impressive transformation. With a sturdier wooden heel, the entire upper section is reinforced with a breathable material that preserves its shape. You're not just wearing boots; you're embracing European craftsmanship and tradition.

🌿 Sustainable Sourcing:

  • More than 90% of these boots are crafted from natural materials sourced in Europe, including the leather upper, leather lining, leather soles, and wooden heel. It's a testament to both sustainability and quality.

🧡 Key Features:

  • Upper: Padded suede leather
  • Liner: Ultra-soft, smooth, and breathable leather
  • Stiffness: Ankle reinforcement, padding, soft boot
  • Soles: Leather soles, wooden heels in a natural hue
  • Width: C-wide, offering comfort with adjustable lacing
  • Sizes: Available in EU sizes 30-42 (Please note: Only the Mango and Flamingo colors are available for EU30-34. Unfortunately, they're not available beyond EU40.)

🎵 Crafted for Versatility:

  • These boots are a match made in heaven for jam/rhythm, street skating, and basic park skating. While they cater to a wide audience, some advanced park skaters tend to prefer a slightly thicker and more rigid boot for their daring moves.

👟 Experience European Quality at Its Best 🇪🇺

  • The Street Suede model brings together style, sustainability, and superior comfort in a single package. It's time to elevate your skating experience with European craftsmanship. 🛼💨💫
  • Find your perfect fit with the WIFA Size Chart. 📏

    EU size UK size Insole length (mm) Outer sole length (mm)
    36 3.5 239 243
    37 4.5 247 250
    38 5 252 256
     38.5 5.5    
    39 6 260 260
    40 6.5 265 265
     40.5 7    
    41 7.5 272 272
    42 8 277 277
    43 9 285 290
    44 9.5 289 290
    45 10 293 295



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Both options depend if we have stock ready to go, if we do, you might find you may receive it next day, regardless of the shipping selected! This time frame includes processing time, packaging up as well as the actual postage time. You can read more about our policies HERE

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