Skate Building Services

Yes we can mount your plates! We are happy to mount plates according to your specifications. Or if you need any advice just email us at


You can bring your plates into the shop or post them to us, whatever you like!

We have a variety of services available: standard plate mounting to a new skate boot, re-mounting service where we take off your old plates, fill the old holes (if necessary) and mount your new plates, trainer or non-standard boots build (this includes our aluminium insoles in the price which is usually required).

If your setup is NOT a standard skate boot with skate plate (you want us to mount to trainers/shoes) there is a higher charge as often this can take a considerable amount of time due to the nature of the shoe not being made for this purpose. Please select the 'Custom Mount' option.

We take great care when mounting plates to boots. Different boots and plates can require slightly different mounting specifications and this can change according to things like size and shape of the boots and plates. We are very experienced in building skates and always make sure that we mount your skates in the best way we can. If you have a specific way you would like your skates mounted then please let us know before mounting.

A lot of boots we deal with are hand made and custom built. This means that there are often inconsistencies in the shape of the boot sole or the way the leather has been glued/stitched to the boot. To the naked eye may not be not noticeable, however if you look closely it can make the mounting between boots look slightly irregular. We will always mount for best SKATING PERFORMANCE rather than for best visual look. If you prefer your skates to be mounted for aesthetics rather than performance please contact us before we mount your skates.  Additionally, if you have ordered custom sizing (split sizing in length or width), this will affect the way you mount looks.

Re-Mounts may require us to fill in the previous mounting hole s with glue. This can look a little cosmetically ugly but we assure you it does not affect the performance or longevity of the boots. 

We take all of this into account when building your skates and will always choose a centreline that will give you optimum performance and control.

Trainer mounts are often not an absolutely perfect art. While of course you should feel symmetry when you skate, due to the nature of some trainers, perfection may not be our usual 100%. In addition, as trainers are not made for rollerskating, we cannot guarantee the structural integrity of your shoes and the longevity of the mount. Trainers are not built to have plates mounted to them so we cannot guarantee you won't encounter issues. In addition, any manufacturer warranty for plates, and other components will be void as they are being used for a non-standard purpose.

If you are getting us to re-mount plates on a pair of used skates, particularly old 'vintage' style ones, please be aware that sometimes plates end up fused to the sole as bolts become rusty. In addition, boots that have their soles glued on can become loose over time as the glue degrades. What this can mean is that very rarely there are may be issues when we take the old plates off which could damage the boots. This is usually that the sole starts to come away from the boot. In short, please just be aware that re-mounting plates to very old used, entry-level, beginner boots may encounter longevity issues.

Please note: While we are always careful, we cannot guarantee plate mounting without the plates being marked. 

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