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This page is still being updated, but here are the awesome people who work here at DTS. If you like what we do, we have a Tip option in the cart screen and 100% of tips go to employees. 


AKA: Kitty
Pronouns: She/Her
Shop Role: The Boss, but you can find me in the shop serving customers, replying to your emails and social media messages, answering the phone, going to events with the vendor stall, creative assistant for Double Threat Prints, doing supplier orders, website design and book-keeping/accounting to name a few tasks!
Discipline: Roller Derby and general outdoor or rink skating
Years Skating: 17 years roller derby for London Roller Derby and England Roller Derby. Been skating my whole life tho. Roller derby and general skate coach
Specialties: Plow stops in front of jammers and generally being a positional menace with my butt. Gameplay and strategy
Skate Set Up: Custom colour Bont fibreglass with Pilot Falcon plates and either Morph or Halo wheels. Roll Line hockey toestops.
Place of Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Languages spoken: Native english speaker + ok enough Italian


AKA: Katpiss Neverclean or KP
Pronouns: She/Her
Shop Role: Shop Assistant and Queen of the Wheel Compatibility Spreadsheet
Discipline: Roller Derby
Years Skating: 18 in total (including figure and speed skating), 13 yars roller derby.
Specialties: side surfing and spinning past people. Being a Jack of All Trades, Master of None!
Skate Set Up: Full Custom Riedell Blue Streaks + Arius plates + Radar wheels + Kwik Ceramic bearings + Jupiter toestops
Place of Origin: Syracuse, New York
Language Spoken: Native English speaker + American Sign Language (ASL) + awkward beginner in Spanish and Czech


AKA: Elsiemerollin'
Pronouns: She/Her
Shop Role: Shop Assistant and Knower of All Things Skatepark Related
Discipline: Park and Derby
Years Skating: 6 on quads, but on skates in some form most of my life
Specialties: Big airs and jumps, and even bigger bails
Skate Set Up: For Park - Full Custom Antik AR2 with Reactor Pro + Mini Logo wheels + Brunny blocks + Penny Trucks
For Derby - Solaris + Arius + Morph wheels
Place of Origin: LAHNDAHNNNN
Languages Spoken: Native English speaker + 731 day streak on Duolingo in Spanish

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AKA: Rogue Fun, RJ
Pronouns: She/Her
Shop Role: Shop Assistant, mounter and Constantly Saving Our Arse Working Extra Days
Discipline: Roller Derby (please don't make me fall in love with other styles, I simply have no time)
Years Skating: 2 years of derby, but I grew up in ice hockey skates
Specialties: Great butt and great at recycling (these are roller derby skills but also life skills)
Skate Set Up: Custom colour Antik AR2s + Gold Falcons. The more colour I can have in my gear, the more powerful I feel!
Place of Origin: All over Finland
Languages spoken: Native Finnish + German, Swedish + awkward beginner Italian


AKA: Hesse (this is my roller derby name)
Pronouns: They/Them
Shop Role: Shop Assistant, mounter and Email Answerer
Discipline: Unwillingly taking a break from roller derby while I finish my degree so have taken up street skating
Years Skating: 11
Specialties: Jack of All Trades
Skate Set Up: Wifa Street Suede + Roll Line Blaster plates and Luminous Wheels
Place of Origin: Eastbourne, UK, now in Cambridge
Language Spoken: Native English Speaker + a bit of Swedish


AKA: Lil Dix
Pronouns: She/Her
Shop Role: Shop Assistant, mounter and screenprinter for Double Threat Prints
Discipline: Roller Derby but love me some dance
Years Skating: 11 I think - half my life!
Specialties: Getting low and being very annoying to jammers and opposing blockers
Skate Set Up: Riedell Solaris + Falcon plates - I am very biased but I think this is the best setup ever and will try and sell it to everyone!
Place of Origin: Eastbourne, UK
Languages Spoken: Native English speaker + 36 day Duolingo streak in Swedish