Skate Lessons and Roller Derby Coaching

As well as being skate gear whizzes, we can also help you with coaching services! 

Founded by one of our roller derby team-mates, Isle of Skating has quickly become London's busiest skate school.  Fueled by a passion for skating and ultimate fun, founder Nele has created a truly wonderful skate school. Kids, adults, from total beginners up to advanced skills and roller dance classes, Isle of Skating offers group classes, one-on-one sessions all in a super fun, friendly environment. Our staff members here at DTS are part of the coaching crew, so we are here for you from helping you to buy your first pair of skates to teaching you how to use them!

Click HERE to go straight to the Isle of Skating website to book your class today!

Roller Derby Coaching and non-London based Guest Skating Skills

Kitty has been playing roller derby for 15 years with London Roller Derby and the Women's England National Team (both as a coach and skater) and also a coach for the Italian Women's National Team. She is also a coach with Isle of Skating. Kitty has been freelance coaching roller derby for teams around the world for around 12 years.

Now that roller derby is back in business after the pandemic, she is LOVING building up the sport again and would love to help your team remember how to play roller derby again! She has skates, is triple vaxxed and ready to travel world-wide! She can also coach remotely, working with the coaches within your team to create session plans and goals.

We also know that there are many skate collectives that have started up across the country and beyond, so if you fancy a little guest coach to help you master the basics like: skate stride, crossovers, transitions, backwards skating and crossovers, spins, jumps, and lots of little skate skills in between. Kitty is available for events and any other harebrained scheme.

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