Toe Stops & Jam Plugs

Please check what kind of toestops your skates need before purchasing.


These are often found on entry level skates like Impala. They have 1 bolt that goes through the front of the toestop and you use a little screwdriver to tighten it on. These are not adjustable. If you are looking at the bottom of them, they have a hole in them and the bolt goes through from this hole into the plates. All of our bolt-on toestops are labelled as thus.


These ones are used with plates that use a nut and washer to hold the toestop in place or an allen key tightening system on higher end plates. You screw the thick stem of the toestop directly into the plates. Skates like Rookie Artistics, Moxi, Moonlights, etc use these. 


Most skate plates take Imperial toestop threads. Roll-Line plates use metric as do Moxi Rainbow Rider for some inexplicable reason. The only metric toestops we have are the Roll-Line ambra or hockey ones.


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