Visit Us Info

119 Pancras Road
London NW1 1UN
(corner of Midland and Pancras Road - right near Frame Emporium and Antique Warehouse)
Before Your Visit:
We recommend taking a look at our website so you can see our whole range of what we offer and what things we hold stock of compared to pre-order. If there's something you are specifially after, feel free to contact us to check it's an in stock item. Most days you can just walk on in but on Saturdays you might want to contact us to book in a specific time for a skate fitting as we are a tiny little shop with a very bespoke service so things can get a little crowded in here! If there's something you want to try on specifically for your appointment, let us know and we can likely get it in for you if we don't already have it. We absolutely welcome walk-ins but if the shop is full, we may need to ask you to come back. Go grab yourself a coffee in Granary Square and enjoy the Kings X vibe! ☕
When You Arrive:
When it's cold, we keep the door closed to keep the heat in! Give the door a push OR ring the bell if the door is locked. We'll come and let you in! 
Can I Walk Away With My Skates/Gear Today?
Maybe! 😂
What we offer online is much larger than what we can hold in our physical store. Think of us as a bit of a showroom x wedding dress fitting vibe! For more specialised builds we have all of the tools to get you measured up for the right size and we then do a special order for whatever you want and either send it to you or you can collect when it arrives.
We do keep heaps of full skate packages in stock so you can walk away on the day with something - same with pads, helmets, wheels, etc.
For custom skates that need to be mounted, they will go into our Mounting Queue which usually takes around a week or so.
We hold very small amounts of a large range of stock in order to give you as many options as possible which means that stock is constantly coming in and out. Please don't be mad if we don't have what you want at the time as we can always special order things in for you 🙏🏼
Anything Else I Should Know For My Visit?
We are a truly independent skater owned and run small business. What we do is very specialised and bespoke. We are not Amazon nor a high street retailer, that's for sure! We really like the 'slow shopping' concept - where we encourage you to take your time, enjoy the experience, we are a place where we make meaningful connections with our customers - after all, we are all in the skate community together! Expect plenty of friendly one-on-one service, encyclopedic skate knowledge and real people who love skating as much as you! 💗💗💗