What days are you open?

We are open every day of the week, and our opening times are as follows:

Mon - Thurs: 12 - 6pm
Friday: 12 - 7pm
Saturday: 12 - 6pm
Sunday: 12 - 5pm

If we are closed for any reason (holidays/derby events) then we will post this on our Facebook page within good time.

Who works in Double Threat Skates?

DTS employs ONLY Roller Derby skaters at present. Our current staff are Kitty/Kristen, Gaz, Ballistic Whistle, Dee I Why, Hester and Trisha Smackinawa,  (London Rollergirls) and Giggity (SDRD). Together we make a pretty formidable team of derby knowledge, passion, friendliness and dedication!

Why do I need to be fitted? Can't I just use the sizing chart online?

A well fitted skate boot is much more important, beneficial and individual than a lot of people realise. Online charts are often inaccurate and do not take into account quirks of the foot such as heel width, ankle height, transverse arch height, toe length etc etc. Read this article for more information on why fitting is so important.

If you really cant make it into the shop to be fitted properly then I recommend doing measurements according to sizing charts, then getting in contact with us to double check sizes. 

Do I need to make an appointment for a fitting?

Nope! Just come on in! We have a wide range of fitting stock ready and waiting so we can fit you in a variety of boots. If you are after something specific then it is always best to give us an email or a call (especially if you are travelling a long distance) so we can make sure we have what you are looking for. If not we can always order it in for you ahead of time.  We like to be prepared so that you can have the best possible experience.

How do I convert my UK size to skate size?

Skate sizing is extremely inconsistent. It changes between brands, between skate boots and shoe sizes and even between boots within the same brand. It is often the case that converting skate boot sizing to UK sizes can me inaccurate. Skate size conversion charts do exist, but none of them are 100% correct. Therefore at Double Threat we always use brand sizing of whatever boot we are fitting rather than converting it to UK sizes. This ensures the most accurate fitting process. 

Do you have everything in stock?

We keep a full fitting stock of most of the popular derby brands, so you should always be able to try skates on. We also keep a small stock of boots and plates to purchase. However if you come in to order skates it is likely we will have to order in either your boots or plates, which usually takes about a week. If you are after a starter skate (R3s, GT50s etc) then we have stock for you to purchase and take home with you.

We have full stock of wheels, pads, cushions etc

What boots do you have to try on (fitting stock)? 

We have pretty full fitting stock of Riedell, Antik, Crazy Skates, Bont, Luigino, Chaya, Mota, Wikko and Moxi.

We also have a range of starter skates including R3s, GT50s and Boxers.

I have no idea what skates I want. Can you help?

Of course! We specialise in helping you find the right set up for you. In addition to getting you fitted in the right boot, we can talk you through plates, wheels, cushions etc. 

Plates are so confusing! How do I know which one is right for me?! 

We know there is a lot of info out there about plates, some of it useful, some of it not so useful. At Double Threat we have a lot of experience skating on different gear and have done a lot of experimenting with different plates. We can explain the pros, cons and differences between plates and help you work out what is best for you. 

Do you only sell high range and custom skates?

Nope! We specialise in custom build skates but we also sell a wide range of pre-built skate packages to suit every budget. We can fit you for a mid range or beginner skate too!

Do you mount plates?

You betcha we do! It's usually best to give us a call at least the day before if you want your plates mounted on the day you come in. Why? Because (sadly) we don't have a Magic Mounting Fairy whose job is to drill holes all day;) So if we are having a particularly busy day serving customers, or already have a long mounting queue ahead of you, we may not be able to do it.

Can you mount any plate to any boot?

Pretty much yes. There are a few exceptions to this but as a general rule you can partner any boot with any plate.

What are the best skates? 

There is no such thing as the "Best Skates". Every individual skater has individual requirements and therefore the best skates are whatever suits you the best as a skater.

Is it cheaper to order skates from the USA?

Even though prices in the US are cheaper, if you are getting skates sent to the UK from the US you need to remember that, in addition to paying postage costs, when your package arrives in the UK you will need to pay VAT and an additional customs processing charge. When you buy gear in the UK all those costs are built into the price So at the end of the day, buying things from the US ends up costing about the same, but without the hassle of having to deal with UK customs!

I heard a rumour that you guys are really cool.  Is this true?

Yes, the rumours are true - we are really cool!