When are you open?

Mon,Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat: 12-6pm


Important! Sometimes we do events on the weekend, or due to childcare or shortstaffedness we might need to close early. We are a VERY small team and we will always post on social media if we are not going to be open. So please do check before making the journey or give us a call on 0207 380 1521.

Do I need to make an appointment?

If you want to pop in to browse or shop for accesssories or protective gear then you do not need to make an appointment, just come on in during our opening hours! However if you want to try on roller skates, you don't need to book an appointment, but it will mean you get priority service if walk-in customers come in. Please email info@doublethreatskates.co.uk or give us a call on 0207 380 1521 to make an appointment!

We are also still offering our distance fitting service. So if you are due new skates check it out here 

Who works in Double Threat Skates?

DTS employs Roller Derby and park skaters. Our current staff are Kitty/Kristen, Gaz, Kat, Elsie, Lily and Ronja, all of London Roller Derby. Together we make a pretty formidable team of skating knowledge, passion, friendliness and dedication! We are all also rollerskate and roller derby coaches!

What kind of skates do you sell?

When we opened in 2013, we were solely a roller derby shop, but as the years progressed there became more crossover from derby to ramps/skatepark skating, and then dance skating. We became known as the quad skate specialists and we started getting folks coming to us from all across the skating spectrum. And then when Covid hit, and skating exploded, we had demand for all types of recreational rollerskates. SO...we sell roller derby skates, ramp/park skates, jam skates, street skates, general outdoor or roller disco skates for all levels. WE DO NOT SELL INLINES, SKATEBOARDS OR SCOOTERS.

Why do I need to be fitted? Can't I just use the sizing chart online?

A well fitted skate boot is much more important, beneficial and individual than a lot of people realise. Online charts are often inaccurate and/or do not take into account quirks of the foot such as heel width, ankle height, transverse arch height, bunions, toe length, etc. Read this article for more information on why fitting is so important.

If you really can't make it into the shop to be fitted properly then we recommend doing measurements according to sizing charts, then getting in contact with us to double check sizes. 

How do I convert my UK shoe size to skate size?

Skate sizing is extremely inconsistent. It changes between brands, between skate boots and shoe sizes and even between boot models within the same brand. It is often the case that converting skate boot sizing to UK sizes can be inaccurate. Skate size conversion charts do exist, but none of them are 100% correct. Therefore at Double Threat, we always use brand sizing of whatever boot we are fitting rather than converting it to UK sizes. This ensures the most accurate fitting process. 

Do you have everything in stock?

We keep a full fitting stock of most of the popular derby brands, so you should always be able to try boots on. We also keep a small stock of boots and plates to purchase. However if you come in to order skates it is likely we will have to order in your boots and/or plates, which can take anywhere from one week to several weeks, depending on the brand, model, and any customisations. If you are after a starter skate (R3s, GT50s etc) then we will normally have stock for you to purchase and take home with you.

We have full stock of wheels, pads, cushions, and many other accessories.

Due to COVID-19 there is a global shortage of skates and gear. Please don't be surprised if we don't have certain things in stock due to these shortages. Yes, it's still ongoing as the world of manufacturing is still recovering, and there are raw material shortages globally.

We are also what is known as a J.I.T store (Just In Time) which means we have lots and lots of stock however not necessarily everything all the time - in order to have so many options for you we operate as a JIT on occasion which means we sometimes order items in for you upon receipt of your online order beause we can get stuff in.....you guessed it...just in time! This means we don't sit on huge piles of unwanted stock and can always get in new and exciting products for you.

What boots do you have to try on (fitting stock)? 

We have pretty full fitting stock of Riedell low cut models, Antik, Bont, Moxi, Wifa, Chaya, and more.

We also have a range of starter skates including R3s and GT50s.

I have no idea what skates I want. Can you help?

Of course! We specialise in helping you find the right set up for you. In addition to getting you fitted in the right boot, we can talk you through plates, wheels, cushions, etc. We recommend you have a look through our website to see if you like to the look of something, which you can always ask us about!

Plates are so confusing! How do I know which one is right for me?! 

We know there is a lot of info out there about plates, some of it useful, some of it not so useful. At Double Threat we have a lot of experience skating on different gear and have done a lot of experimenting and testing of different plates. We can explain the pros, cons and differences between plates to help you work out what is best for you. 

Do you only sell high range and custom skates?

Nope! We specialise in custom build skates, but we also sell a wide range of pre-built skate packages to suit every budget. We can fit you for a mid range or beginner skate too! What we do NOT sell are crappy throwaway plasticy skates that will break.

Do you mount plates?

You betcha we do! Our mounter is in the shop usually once or twice a week, so mounting normally takes about 1.5 to 2 weeks. The price depends on a number of things such as, if we need to remove a plate from an old boot, or if you purchased your plates and/or boots from us.

Do you do ice skate-to-roller skate conversions?

Yep, we have 2 different prices - one for if the blades have been removed already and 1 for if we have to do the dirty work.

Do all wheels fit on all plates?

No, not necessarily. Generally, the skates we sell have long enough axles to accommocate most wheels, though there are too many variables in different wheel brands and tire sizes and hub shapes to guarantee any one type fitting on every plate.

For the most part, yes many wheels will fit on most skate plates, especially higher performance plates, though there are the occasional instances where certain wheels may not fit on certain axles. In this instance, be sure that your bearings are sitting all the way in your wheels, you don't have any washers on the axles, and that your axle nuts aren't taking up too much space on the axle (i.e. you don't have super thick axle nuts.)

Though, it is of course frustrating when you buy wheels and they happen to not work on your axles! And because of this, we have actually started a little chart where we test the compatability of different wheels to different plates! This is still a working document and always will be, as there's always new wheels and plates to be testing.

Here it is! If you have any wheel-to-plate compatabiility questions for us, anything you'd like to have tested, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can make it happen.

Can you mount any plate to any boot?

Pretty much, yes. There are a few exceptions to this but as a general rule you can partner any boot with any plate so long as it fits.

What are the best skates? 

There is no such thing as the "Best Skates". Every individual skater has individual requirements and therefore the best skates are whatever suits you the best as a skater.

Is it cheaper to order skates from the USA?

Even though prices in the US are cheaper, if you are getting skates sent to the UK from the US, remember that in addition to paying postage costs, when your package arrives in the UK you will need to pay VAT and an additional customs processing charge. When you buy gear in the UK, all those costs are built into the price. So ultimately, buying things from the UK ends up costing about the same, but without the hassle of having to deal with customs. It can also be a pain in the bum to return items to the US if anything goes wrong.

I heard a rumour that you guys are really cool.  Is this true?

Yes, the rumours are true - we are really cool!