About Us


We are Kitty and Gaz, owners of Double Threat Skates.
Double Threat Skates (DTS) is London's first roller derby specific bricks and mortar store, although we also provide all types of quad skates for all disciplines. We are located in the heart of Central London, in the old coal storage arches next to St.Pancras Station in bustling King's Cross.
Our aim is to provide skaters with expert advice and share the knowledge we have gained over our combined 27 years experience playing high level roller derby. We have skated and coached all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, U.K, U.S, South America and throughout Europe) and understand what a wide range of skaters want out of their gear. We promise to give you super friendly and helpful service!
Over the years, we have substantially grown our stock and range of products, however we are still very much an independent, 'Ma and Ma' olde fashioned store. We are completely hands on and run every aspect of the shop, with the help from our fantastic staff of course.
We don't have a giant warehouse that packs and picks our online orders, we do that right here in our shop. Everything from managing our website, purchasing stock, fulfilling online orders, fulfilling sponsorship agreements with our sponsored teams and skaters, all marketing and advertising, researching products, vendor stalls at events, doing the boring accounts, mounting plates, and of course serving customers!! Everything we do is with love and care for our customers because we really treasure the roller derby, and wider roller skating community. 


Gaz skating for Team England Roller Derby

Our origonal logo sketch

Kitty skating for Team England Roller Derby against our friends in Team Spain

Kitty and Gaz sweaty but happy after a Team England training

Kitty's Bio:

  • Started playing derby with the London Roller Derby in November 2006
  • Was captain, skater, and coach of LRD's Travel Team, London Brawling.
  • Skater and coaching committee with the England Women's Rollre Derby team.
  • Started coaching LRD and guest coaching around the UK in 2007.
  • Moved to Melbourne, Australia in July 2009 and joined the Victorian Roller Derby League
  • Captain of the VRDL All Stars 2011/2012--Two-time winners of National Champs and first WFTDA ranked team in Oz
  • Coached with VRDL, and freelance coach throughout Australia 
  • Moved back to London in September 2012 and re-joined London Roller Derby, skating with London Brawling and England Roller Derby, competing in WFTDA Championships and two World Cups.
  • Bench Coached and Coached with Southern Discomfort Roller Derby (Men's Team)
  • Coach with Women's Team England and Women's Team Italy
  • Is still an LRD skater and coach, and freelance derby coach to this day.
  • Rollerskate coach with Isle of Skating

Gaz's Bio:

  • Is from Wellington, New Zealand 
  • Started skating with Richter City (Wellington, New Zealand) in 2009
  • Skates for London Brawling and England national squad
  • Owned and operated Aoteroller Derby Gear in New Zealand 
  • Moved to London in 2011 with plans to move to Berlin, but loved LRD too much to leave
  • Is cool

The Double Threat Skates Story:

Once upon a time in 2013 there was a skater called Kitty Decapitate/Kristen Lee. She moved back to London after 3 years in Australia. Unsure of career aspirations, she had given herself 6 months to decide what she really wanted to do.

The idea of starting a skate shop floated around in her mind. 

After discussions with a few different people about possibly teaming up to pull off such a venture, someone who had been on the periphery suddenly appeared on the scene.

Introducing...Goregasm Ladyburger AKA Gaz.

Gaz owned a really successful online business, Aotearoller Derby Gear, in New Zealand for 2.5 years, and was a gardener. Kitty had been seeking her advice about opening a store and running ideas past her.

After meeting up in a gross greasy spoon cafe one cold Winter's morning, turns out that Gaz wasn't keen to continue her gardening job in Britain's cold climate, and so the crazy idea of joining forces started to fall into place.

And 2 months later they opened their store!

Even though they barely knew eachother, through a LOT of coffee drinking and with the help of their amazing league-mates the project just seemed to work out serendipitously at every turn.

And they both skated happily ever after!

The End.

Chapter 2:

We have some equally excellent staff that are here to help you and have just as much cool experience in roller derby and skating as we do.

Katpiss Neverclean (AKA: Kat): Kat joins us all the way from the snowy terrain of upstate New York, having played roller derby since she was born (she started playing junior derby when she was 13!) and now skates with Brawling of London Roller Derby. She has a background in figure skating and is also a skatepark dweller.

Trisha Smackinawa: London Brawling superstar jammer, resident sports science geek, American football player, and personal trainer.

Elsie (AKA Elsiemerollin'): park and derby skater, skate coach! Elsie is our little (tall!) ray of sunshine who is a joy to watch skate!

Lily: Another junior turned adult derby hero! Lily started derby back in 2012 with the Eastbourne Newbournes, went on to represent Team GB in the 2018 juniors world cup, skated for Brighton Rockers, and now skates with Brawl Saints of London Roller Derby!