1. We are owned and run by skaters!

Ain't no-one as passionate and caring about skating as we are! We have been deep in the skate community for over 17 years as skaters and are widely respected in our skate circle. So we absolutely have a vested interest in giving you an excellent experience as well as excellent skates! This also means we know lots of stuff about rollerskates too. We have a HUGE amount of accumulated knowledge - we're basically walking encyclopedias!

2. We have a physical store as well as online

You can try on boots and skates as well as look at products in person AND speak to a real live human. Our specialty is our skate fitting service where we spend a whole heap of time with you getting the right fit. In fact sometimes customers spend upwards of 3 hours choosing their dream skates!

3. Our stock

We are like an Aladdin's Cave of rollerskates! We have full fitting stock of most of our major brands and unique access to many more products that we can custom order in for you. We often operate as a J.I.T (Just In Time) business which means we keep small amounts of stock in the shop and re-order in often. This means we can constantly update our products, getting in the latest things for you and we're not sitting on huge amounts of old products. If you don't see something on our site but know it exists....contact us and we very well might get it in for you! All our online orders are fulfiled from the stock we have at our physical premises, so we always know what's available. In order to be able to carry as many items as possible and give you the most amount of stuff to choose from, some things we order especially in for you at the point of purchase.

4. Our Distance Fitting Service

Created in 2019, we realised we had many UK customers who simply couldn't get in to see us. So we started this service where we can send multiple sizes of skate boots to you to try on at home, then once you've decided we mount them up and you got yourself a new pair o' rollerskates. This has been super successful in getting the right fitting boots for our customers across the country.

5. Postage tracking, Easy Returns and Exchanges

We send all our items tracked and our system sends you an email with the tracking number so you know exactly when to expect your order. We have a returns and exchanges portal accessible from your customer profile on our website which enables you to request returns and receive returns labels via Royal Mail or Parcelforce.

6. Personalised Website Content and Product Knowledge

Since day 1 we have always photographed our products in house against our iconic DTS back drop. We want you to know that we have physically looked at and tested most products in our store. When we get new products in, we can then write about them from experience. You'll find our product descriptions, blogs and FAQs full of personalised content rather than just cut and pasted from the manufacturer's website.

7. Savant-level dedication to knowing stuff

Want to know if that wheel will fit that axle? Which plate size will fit that boot? Which wide truck is compatible with which plate? Which boot you will fit based on what your current boot is despite the sizing being wackadoodle different? We can tell you because we have spent years worth of our time collating information, creating spreadsheets and compatibility charts.

8. We're Great When We Make Mistakes!

We can't get it right all the time but we reckon the mark of a great business is being able to get it right when we've got it wrong. Rest assured you won't need to get stern with us and start a fight to get a wrong righted. We want to make sure you'e happy so don't worry if you need to tell us we did a boo-boo!

9. We're Inclusive!

We are woman and queer owned. We are big fans of the LGBTQ+ folk, we are trans-inclusive and anti-racist. We support many local community groups and are a welcoming and safe space for those who belong to marginalised communities.

10. Free Stuff!

Everyone likes free stuff right? We always include goodies in your online orders and when we send your gear out. 

Moxi Jack V2 Boots

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The green column is the Moxi sizing which is the sizing we use on allour Moxi products. Most people go one full sizeup on their UK shoe size.EG: If you are a UK&,then chances are you are likely the US8/Moxi 8.


🌟 Elevate Your Skate Game with the Moxi Jack V2 Skate Boot! 🌈

🚨 Limited Sizes and Colors Available - Act Fast! Secure your pair now through our pre-order product if your preferred size or color isn't in stock. This is via the specific Pre-Order option (select Pre-Order for size and colour). Simply tell us in your Order notes in the Cart Screen which size and colour you're after! The Vegan version is pre-order only. Pre-orders have a 6-10 week lead time.

✨ Key Features:

1️⃣ High-Performance Design: Engineered for the most daring maneuvers, the Moxi Jack V2 Skate Boot combines modern materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to withstand high airs, flips, and gaps in the skatepark and on the streets.

2️⃣ Support System: The Jack 2 support system offers increased stability, precision, and power. Experience confidence in balancing during grinds and on rails, expanding your trick repertoire with ease.

3️⃣ Ultimate Comfort: With double-backed dual-density ankle padding and open cell foam, the Jack 2 prioritizes comfort for those long skate sessions. Rich suede and genuine Shearling tongue lining provide a plush feel for an enjoyable ride. The  antibacterial Leopard print Dri-Lex® lining keeps them feeling fresh.

4️⃣ Stylish Accents: Stylish details include a black backstay design featuring the iconic Moxi "M," solid nickel-plated hooks, and a quality nylon webbing finger loop. These accents ensure integrity and style, embodying the essence of Moxi.

5️⃣ Precision Fit: The Jack 2 features a tongue stabilizer that secures the tightening process and keeps the tongue in place. The anti-rotational lace and tongue bar stabilizer contribute to a precise and secure fit.

6️⃣ Reinforced Durability: Triple-reinforced eyestays, a black PVC unit outsole, and heel, along with a machined, nickel-plated hook, ensure the durability of the Jack 2. It's the stiffest and most supportive model in the Moxi lineup, requiring approximately 20 hours of break-in time to mold to your unique movements.

7️⃣ Vegan Option Available: Join the movement towards cruelty-free skating with the Vegan version, available at no additional charge (stock Vegan option only).

    Materials Description:

    Note about our suede leather: The leather used in our roller skate boots is real, genuine, bovine cowhide that is hand-sorted and inspected for quality by touch and feel before purchasing or cutting it. The suede texture on the hide varies in coarseness making the texture of the leather vary slightly. This will not change the functionality or feel of the skater’s experience.

    Additional Notes:


    • Backstay cannot be changed from black leather or black vegan microfiber
    • Nylon webbing cannot be changed
    • Black outsole cannot be changed
    • Leather and leather/cork heel outsoles when added with Colour Customization Fee
    • Black edge coat will be the finish
    • Banana Cream liner to replace Moxi Dri-Lex liners when added with Colour Customization Fee
    • Banana Cream is the only liner customization allowed (no Cambrelle, Strata, or non-Moxi Dri-Lex liner)
    • Split sizing, width changes and non-stock sizes are available upon request when added with Colour Customization Fee
    • All custom orders are non-returnable


    • Reinforced double split suede leather upper or made Vegan for no additional charge (stock Vegan option only)
    • Increased reinforcements for improved stability, precision, and power
    • Leopard print Dri-Lex® lining
    • Black PVC unit outsole and heel
    • Genuine Shearling tongue lining
    • Signature black Moxi “M” backstay with finger loop
    • Anti-rotational lace and tongue bar stabilizer
    • Dual density ankle padding
    • Triple reinforced eyestay
    • Solid machined, nickel-plated hooks
    • Black textured polyester laces (90-in)

    Jack 2 FAQ's

    What makes Jack 2 different from the original Jack?

    The main difference in the Jack 2 is that there is additional ankle support built into the boot through the use of added padding. The Jack 2 is also distinguished by a black "backstay" (the piece of leather on the back of the boot) which gives it a unique and fresh style!

    Note: Because of the added support, the break-in time for Jack 2 is longer than Jack 1. You can expect Jack 2 to take 20+ hours of skating to break in.

    Why are some colors more expensive?

    There are 4 colors that are considered "standard options": Black suede, Lilac suede, True Blue suede, and White vegan. Colors outside of these 4 are considered "specials". There is an added fee for these colors because they require special production and leather has to be cut in smaller batches for these skates, which adds to the cost because it is outside the normal production batches.

    Is the fit of the Jack 2 different from the original Jack?

    Nope! The Jack 2 is built on the same sizing scale as the previous Jack model. The Jack 2 might feel smaller at first because of the added padding, but over time it will break in and should fit the same as the original Jack model.

    We strongly recommend using foot length to determine your Moxi size. 

    4 22.4 22.4 5 - 5.5 3.5 - 4 35 - 36
    4.5 22.7 22.7 5.5 - 6 4 - 4.5 36
    5 23 23.0 6 - 6.5 4.5 - 5 36 - 37
    5.5 23.3 23.3 6.5 - 7 5 - 5.5 37
    6 23.8 23.8 6 7 - 7.5 5.5 - 6 37 - 38 5 - 5.5
    6.5 24.1 24.1 6 - 6.5 7.5 - 8 38 5.5 - 6
    7 24.6 24.6 6.5 - 7 8 - 8.5 38 - 39 6 - 6.5
    7.5 24.9 24.9 7 - 7.5 8.5 - 9 39 6.5 - 7
    8 25.6 25.6 7.5 - 8 9 - 9.5 39 - 40 7 - 7.5
    8.5 25.9 25.9 8 - 8.5 9.5 - 10 40 7.5 - 8
    9 26.4 26.4 8.5 - 9 10 - 10.5 40 - 41 8 - 8.5
    9.5 26.7 26.7 9 - 9.5 10.5 - 11 41 8.5 - 9
    10 27.1 27.1 9.5 - 10 11 - 11.5 41 - 42 9 - 9.5
    10.5 27.5 27.5 10 - 10.5 11.5 - 12 42 9.5 - 10
    11 28.1 28.1 10.5 - 11 12 - 12.5 42 - 43 10 - 10.5
    12 29.7 29.7 11.5-12 44-45 11-11.5
    13 30.5 30.5 13 46

    We have a couple of shipping options available. Priority Tracked is usually 2-4 business days. Non-Priority Tracked can be between 3-7 business days. We offer FREE non-priority postage for orders over £100.00
    Both options depend if we have stock ready to go, if we do, you might find you may receive it next day, regardless of the shipping selected! This time frame includes processing time, packaging up as well as the actual postage time. You can read more about our policies HERE

    We offer exchanges and returns within 30 days. This is free if the item is faulty. We use Royal Mail Tracked Returns and you can do this through your customer account profile. Unfortunately this is only for our UK customers however we can arrange returns/exchanges for International too. You can read more about our returns and exchanges policies HERE

    Purchasing from us internationally? Thanks friends! If you are not purchasing from within the UK then you will notice we do NOT charge you VAT when you purchase from us. This makes our prices seem very cheap as they will appear 20% cheaper for you! VAT/taxes, and any customs duty (usually approx. 3%) and processing fees by the courier will be paid for you when the item reaches your country. This includes for all EU customers. VAT/Taxes, customs duty and fees vary country to country - so we cannot give you an accurate guess of what this might be. We just like to let you know so it does not come as a surprise!