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Riedell Solaris ColorLab


How about some custom colours?!

Price includes the Solaris boots + ColorLab fee.

Comfort and Performance. The two key qualities that top derby skaters are looking for, and have come to expect from world renown skate manufacturers Riedell, can be found in the all new Riedell Solaris boot.

To create the all new Solaris roller derby boot, Riedell spent over three years gathering information from top derby skaters all over the world and developing the Solaris boot and the results will offer a comfort and performance unlike anything you have skated before.

Perhaps the most exciting feature on the all new Solaris boot from Riedell, is the lightweight, state of the art, two piece, Dynamic Response Outsole. Two piece outsole – how does that work? The answer is simple – like nothing you will have skated before. The inner part of the sole or ‘midsole’, has been designed from a highly durable polycarbonate compound to offer the strength and rigidity that is needed to support this part of your foot whilst skating. The ‘outsole’ is made from a high quality polyurethane compound which will dampen the high frequency vibrations which can be felt whilst skating, without compromising on strength or responsiveness.

When comparing the new Dynamic Response Outsole against carbon fibre outsoles, the difference in weight is negligible (less than a fraction of an ounce!), and the benefits are far greater. The two piece outsole offers rigidity compared against carbon fibre, whilst offering a better fit and matching to the contour of the riders foot better than other carbon fibre outsoles.

When it comes to mounting plates to the Dynamic Response Outsole, you will find that this outsole is much less fragile than its carbon fibre counterpart, and both the polycarbonate and polyurethane compounds drill easily.

The fit of the Riedell Solaris boot is uniquely contoured to your foot thanks to the four heat mouldable quarters on each boot. This is perfectly complimented by the modern shaped toe area which accommodates both narrow and wide feet, snug fit of the heel area to help eliminate heel lifting during skating which is further assisted by a new and innovative ‘V-Lock’ strap design and an anatomically curved and padded collar designed to cradle the curves of your ankles.

For added comfort the Solaris boot features the premium, full grain, black Kango-Tan leather, which is unrivalled in the industry and offers a superior fit. The tight weaved, microfiber lining of the Strata liner has been specially treated to prevent odours and absorb moisture is paired with the dual density foam padding of the fox tongue, which has been designed to provide both comfort and protection against lace bite from the waxed laces and also tongue rotation.

This boot is built on a C/AA last and is available in full and half sizes from 3.5 to 12, split sizing is available (as a Semi-Custom Option) along with ColorLab Customisation

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