Sure-Grip Rock Nylon Plates – Double Threat Skates


Sure-Grip Rock Nylon Plates


Lightweight plate, one of Sure-Grips most popular plates for many years. Perfect for custom setups as an alternative to the Powerdyne Thrust or Sunlite plates if you're after a nylon plate that will do the business without breaking the bank.

  • Lightweight DuPont nylon plate featuring a standard 10 degree double action truck.
  • Perfect for those who want a light weight plate but all the strength of an aluminium plate.
  • Cast aluminium, standard Super X double action truck.
  • Integrated hanger.
  • Supplied with adjustable Black Carrera toe stop, however will take any other standard imperial thread toestop or jam plug.
  • 8mm axles
  • Standard urethane cushions.
  • Inverted fixed kingpin.
  • SOLD IN PAIRS AND WITH ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED (eg: trucks, cushions, axle nuts, etc). They do not come with a mounting kit.
  • The overall plate length in mm is shown below. If you are trying to work out which size you need, you can measure the sole of your boots and/or measure the wheelbase of your current plates if you are happpy with them.

Plate size 1 - 208mm/Wheelbase 106mm

Plate size 2 - 218mm/Wheelbase 116.8mm

Plate size 3 - 229mm/Wheelbase 127mm

Plate size 4 - 239mm/Wheelbase 137mm

Plate size 5 - 250mm/Wheelbase 147mm

Plate size 6 - 261mm/Wheelbase 157.4mm

Plate size 7 - 271mm/Wheelbase 167.6mm

Plate size 8 - 280mm/Wheelbase 177.8mm

Plate size 9 - 290mm/Wheelbase 188mm

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