S1 RAD Helmet Liners – Double Threat Skates


S1 RAD Helmet Liners


Every G Counts. Protect your dome. S1 RAD Liners.

S1 Helmets are stepping up impact reduction by adding an additional layer of protection to your helmet with their revolutionary new impact reducing sizing liner the RAD Liner. S1 RAD Liners are an impact reducing sizing liner that Reduce, Absorb and Disperse impact energy away from the head when impacted.

RAD liners serve a dual purpose by both acting as your helmets sizing liner while also adding an extra layer of impact reducing foam to your helmet. Lab Tests show that depending on the impact, RAD Liners reduced impact energy an additional 7.5% to 16.5% averaging a 12% energy reduction to the head in all liners tested.

RAD Liners are sized just like S1's standard sizing Liners and fit into all S1 Lifer Helmets and are covered in a sweat absorbing, hand washable terry cloth fabric.

Installation Note - If you are adding new liners into a helmet that you have already worn please wash the contact points wear you plan to place the new Velcro with a wet cloth to wipe away any sweat residue that may have built up on the surface of the inner helmet shell. Doing this will ensure that the Velcro will stick firmly to the inner shell.

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