"ULTRA FEIJOA" Bont and Roll-Line DTS package + wheels and bearings – Double Threat Skates


"ULTRA FEIJOA" Bont and Roll-Line DTS package + wheels and bearings

£384.95 £444.80

Bont Microfiber Boot and the Roll-Line Blaster  PLUS the new Roll Line Gladiator wheels!

Pronounced: ''FEE-JO-A''---a New Zealand fruit much loved by Gaz.

We love this package because it combines the best value for money elements; the Bont Microfiber boot, the Roll-Line Blaster plate (with Ambra domes toestops) and the Roll Line Gladiator or Emperor (whichever we have in stock) wheels, with abec 3 bearings to get you rolling.  Wheels come in hardnesses of: 88A, 90A, 92A or 95A - let us know in your order notes which you would like!

This is a really excellent package at a great price.

We have deliveries of Microfiber boots every 8 weeks. Each skate is made up to order (as in, we mount the plate as and when we receive orders--they are not pre-mounted). If you want to know if we have your size in stock or what it's ETA is, please shoot us an email using the 'Contact Us' yellow box at the bottom of your screen.

***Roll-Line plates have a metric toe stop thread, so they only fit Roll Line (or other metric) toe stops. So your gumballs, moonwalker, bionic toestops etc won't fit. HOWEVER, Roll Line make really awesome toe stops, so don't worry too much. 


Please note that all our in house packages are built to order, which may take 1-2 weeks

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