CUSTOM COLOUR Bont ParkStar Boots – Double Threat Skates


CUSTOM COLOUR Bont ParkStar Boots

£269.96 £299.95

 Available in custom colours! These suede high ankle boots can be used for indoor or outdoor skating. We took the best parts of Bont innovation and created a boot designed for park, recreational and street skating. The ParkStar combines comfort, style and performance for the perfect lifestyle boot.


  • Internal hand formed heel 23mm
  • High ankle for added support for landings at 140mm
  • Boot thickness at 1.4mm for durobility
  • Front bumper for added toe protection
  • Suede leather for great comfort and style
  • Heel lock
  • Heat moldable fiberglass base 
  •  Simply select your size and we'll be in touch with you about your colour choices and other customisable options.

Colours available: Cream, Teal, Misty Teal, Cherry Blossom Pink, Bubblegum Pink, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Siren Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow.

Bits to customise: Main boot and heel loop, Rear trim top, Rear trim bottom, Side panel A, Side panel B, Front trim, Strap, Tongue, Stitching, Strap logo, Kangaroo logo, Toe rubber bumper, Laces, Heel height, Name/Word on strap (+£5)

In general, the sizing on these tends to translate pretty well to your UK show size. We find the EU sizing to be slightly off, eg: the size 6 says it is a 38 but we find it to be more a 39.

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