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Introducing the new RUBY skate package from CHAYA ("Kai-ah").  

The Ruby skate is perfect for roller derby beginners, fresh-meat or for recreational skating. This lightweight, low cut skate offers both superior comfort and performance as well as a classic sporty look.

The Ruby has the added advantage of a fibreglass reinforced nylon plate for better power transfer and durability. The plate also features the much loved 'Power Toe System' which makes toe stop work a dream!

Say goodbye to starter packages for roller derby that aren't derby focused.  This is the LEGIT FIRST roller derby specific starter skate, and you can see that via the attention to detail in every aspect of this skate.   

An extremely comfortable and supportive padded boot, a fibreglass reinforced 20º plate with aluminium trucks, derby specific wheels (59x38mm) and a good quality toe stop with a larger foot print.

Start as you mean to go on... like a pro, with the most derby ready starter package on the market!

Boot Features

  • Lightweight low cut boot 
  • Superior comfort with high quality interior padding
  • Speed strap

Shari Plate Features:

  • Shari DCM 3.0
  • Fiberglass reinforced Nylon plate for increased responsiveness and durability
  • 20° Aluminium casted trucks (8mm axles) 
  • Power Toe
  • Off-set Toe Stop (makes toe stop work much easier, dreamy some may say!)
  • Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A
  • Black 'Controller' long stem roller derby toe stop

Wheels: Octo Edge 92a, 59x38mm -- the perfect hardness and size for training for roller derby!

Bearings: Wicked Abec 7

SIZE GUIDE CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://www.chaya-brand.com/technology/#sizeguide

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