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The 187 FLY knees are the same quality materials & craftsmanship as Pro Knee Pads. Designed for excellent flexibility & comfort, the 187 Fly knee pads are constructed of ultra high strength ballistic nylon. Double stitching for durability and a super thick riveted caps.The 187 Fly Knee pad are Pull-Up pads.

• 2011 187 Fly Skate Knee Pads

• Same Quality Materials and Craftmanship as the 187 Pro Knee Pad

• Designed for Excellent Flexibility and Comfort

• Constructed of Ultra High Strength Ballistic Nylon

• Durable Double Stitching

• Deep Set Cap Gromits

• Super Thick Caps

• Non Open Back System

• Sizing note: These pads run large, but you do want them to fit snug.