Moxi Lolly Boot Only - all colours 2021 model – Double Threat Skates


Moxi Lolly Boot Only - all colours 2021 model


Due to high demand globally, these skates are quite often sold out with Moxi HQ. If you are getting a 'contact us for availability' message, it means they are indeed sold out.  Please click on the 'Email Me When Available' button instead. We never know when we will receive stock until it arrives. It comes in dribs and drabs every month or so. If you would like to pre-order these, please email us and we can arrange it. Wait time is 3-6 months.

NEW MODEL: Newly Developed Handmade High Top with Struck Through Suede (dyed completely through the hide) Lolly Boot with Raised Heel


(Or maybe you really just wanted a Lolly Package but they are sold out?)

We can offer suggestions for the components (plates, wheels, toestops, bearings) and put it all together for you. Even if you're a newbie to skating, don't worry if you don't know what all the bits and bobs are, we will simplify it for you and build you a rad pair of skates. We suggest you purchase the boots you want to secure them for you then pop in your order notes that you would like help building up the package. 

The Moxi Lolly range are available in Boot Only for those of you that would prefer to customise your own skate.

We can mount any plate to these so you can have your dream set-up.

The sugar sweet high top, suede Lolly Boots from Moxi are high quality, eye catching roller skate boot which come with a decorative Moxi printed liner and cut out are the perfect accessory.

Available in: Sizes: 4-10 Full Only - Medium width

In our extensive fitting experience, most people go one size UP from their UK shoe size (presuming you wear your shoes fairly snug/average fit. If you were them likee clown shoes, this might be different!

Email us if you have any questions about how we can help you put together your custom set-up.

 A note on the suede:

There may be a slight transfer of colours onto socks or skin during the new use or break-in period is not all that uncommon and is called “crocking”.

Crocking occurs when the excess dye is physically rubbed off, two fabrics rubbed together causes such a problem. The more colour is transferred, the more the fabric "crocks". Crocking is usually more of a problem with dark and vivid colours. Crocking often occurs in heavily dyed fabric and napped and pile fabrics in deep colours are most likely to crock.

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