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Sunlite Plates


THESE COME WITH ALL RELEVANT PARTS EXCEPT TOESTOPS, INCLUDES TRUCKS, CUSHIONS, CUSHIONS CUPS, AXLE NUTS, TOESTOP NUT AND WASHER. PLates do NOT come with a mounting kit/mounting bolts. You need to purchase this separately.

If you are getting a 'contact us for availability' message, it means they are sold out. Please contact us and we can pre-order for you.

please note that these no longer come with jump bars. Trucks and cushions etc are included 

The Sunlite plate gives you the best of both worlds; the lightweight agility you love about nylon plates plus long-lasting durability! They are available in a variety of fun colors to bring personality to your favorite pair of skates.

The Patented V Bracing design gives this plate optimum strength, yet they are 40% lighter than conventional aluminum plates. With a lifetime warranty against breakage***, you know you have a great quality skate plate. 

Sunlite plates come with aluminum double action trucks with 8mm axle size. 

Want a unique colour? Check out the 'multi' colour options. Each plate is a unique colour mix. See pics for pattern details. These are one offs and not replicable.

Material: SuperTuff Nylon
Plate Design: Patented V Bracing design for optimum strength
Trucks: Sunlite double action - trucks are included despite the product pic!
Axle Size: 8mm
Warranty: Lifetime - against breakage - however this is for GENERAL SKATING only. The warranty does NOT cover any aggressive skating like park, derby, etc.
Info: This product is priced per pair
Sizing: Plate size does NOT equate to your boot size. Please look at the chart below. Moxi, Riedell, Antik, Moonlight all use US Mens sizing for their boots. If you are not sure what size to get, send us an email and we can help you work it out.
The best way to measure is to measure the outer sole of your boots and match it up with the 'Plate Length' column below. Correct plate size may have the plate going end to end on the boot OR they may be up to a few cms shorter than the boot. If you already have skates, you can also measure the 'Axle Span' if your current ones and match that up as best you can between the Axle Span and PLate Length columns below:
Please note the plate length measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
IMPORTANT: You will probably want to ignore the 'Boot Size' column as every brand sizes somewhat differently. 
***Warranty is voided if the plates are adapted in any way or if they are used for anything other than general rollerskating (jumps, cartwheels, handstands, etc).

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