The Derby Direction Program

Who and What?

The Derby Direction Seminar and Training Program was developed by Kitty Decapitate and Berzerker (Now Retired VRDL Captain) and Double Threat Skates is now proud to present the program to the UK and Europe.

Our Experience:

We have held numerous leadership roles with the Victorian Roller Derby League, London Rollergirls, and Southern Discomfort Roller Derby, including Executive Committee, Senior Coaching, home team and All Star team captaining and Bench Coaching. We have been working together both on and off the track from August 2009-September 2012.

This experience has shown us the importance of team building as well as developing leadership roles which are accountable to team set values. We have also been invited by many leagues in Australia and elsewhere in the world as guest coaches and we have developed Derby Direction as a response to the issues we have seen both within VRDL and other leagues we have visited.
The Derby Direction program offers your team the same processes that we have used with great success, to Captain and train the VRDL All Stars. While Kitty has since returned to London, she continues to use her leadership and team building experience with SDRD and London Brawling.
 The Derby Direction Program:
Our Derby Direction program is designed to focus on the following:
  • Team Value establishment and implementation strategies
  • Creation of internal leadership structures
  • Reflective processes of progress
  • Accountability procedures
  • On track team training strategies that incorporate team set values
  • Ongoing consultation
The Seminar is a structured session aimed predominantly at travel teams, but can be used for league-wide values and goals also. The seminar is very specific to your team, so is not suitable for multi-league attendance at this point, however if you would like other leagues to be involved with the on-skates coaching, just let us know.
Please email us at: for more info.
QuotesThis is just what our league needed- I actually found myself taking a giant sigh of relief after the seminar. I feel really hopeful that our league is heading in the right direction, and I think that it has equipped the more junior girls with the tools to step up and help out with the running of the league in a greater capacity. The league itself is buzzing and feeling very inspired after such an amazing training session. Thanks so much!Quotes
LaTrobe City Roller Derby
QuotesThis session provided an opportunity for us to identify values that are important to us, helped us to start thinking about how to achieve goals and the on skates training left me (stiff n sore!) inspired to use new approaches to old situations. Thank you! Loved it!Quotes
South Sea Roller Derby