Southern Discomfort Roller Derby

Southern Discomfort Roller Derby is a MRDA (Mens Roller Derby Association) league based in London.  SDRD formed in late 2010 bringing together skaters from all across greater London and south of England. We were the first established men's league in Europe and quickly added to that by becoming the first winners of the Men's European Roller Derby Championships in 2012. We then had the honour of taking on the New York Shock Exchange as part of their European tour and were able to gain MRDA membership a few months later. 
In 2013 we continued our streak of firsts by being the first European men’s league to travel to the USA and took part in The Big O event. Later that year we came 2nd in MERDC but with a series of wins against The Inhuman League, Tyne and Fear and Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder finished the year number 1 in the European rankings.
2014 plans to be an even bigger year for SDRD with us looking to reclaim the European championship, another trip to the USA planned and the hope of even making it to the MRDA Championships at the end of the year!