Skate Fitting Info

Here at DTS we are passionate about giving you the right boots for your feet! We offer a bespoke fitting service so that you can be completely confident with the boots you buy.

We measure your feet and essentially try you in everything we have, making recommendations based on your unique tootsies. Every foot has its own quirks and we have spent years fitting all shapes and sizes and can offer you advice for not only fit, but performance.

Fittings can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours! If your fitting is for recreational skates, we will allocate 45 minutes. If you're here for a roller derby upgrade fitting, we will allocate 1.5 hours. So make sure to allow for enough time when you come in. And bring socks!

It's always a good idea to email or call us and let us know if you are interested in something specific so we can try to have it in the store for you. There are literally hundreds of boots on the market and so it's virtually impossible to have everything in here, but we're more than happy to order in items that you're interested in.

We'll also talk you through plates and help you to choose the best one for what you want to achieve with your skating. We take measurements of your foot so we can match up the perfect plate size for the boot.

We record all your info with detailed notes so that you don't need to remember everything, and so if you're not purchasing on the day, once you're ready we'll have it all written down.

Because we offer such a bespoke service, we really appreciate it if you do plan to purchase from us eventually :)

If you are unable to visit us in store or at an event, here are some brand sizing charts. Please be aware that these are really just a guideline as different foot shapes suit different boots and sizing can vary depending on a number of factors. Just click on the link!   

We also offer a distance fiting service for those who are not local to London. To find out more, click here