Full Custom Riedell 495 Boots: Kitty/Kristen





Did you know that as well as getting custom colours, your can get a 'Pro Custom' build where you can choose different sizes/different lasts/eyelet colour/cinch straps/extra heat moldable areas/tongue lining/boot lining/outsole options/heel height. I decided to go nuts and build my dream skates with all the trimmings. I had been wearing the regular black 495 boot whilst trying out different plates, and really liked the fit and feel of the boot, however I have pretty skinny ankles for the length of my foot, which means I am always having problems with heel/ankle slip. 




I decided to get a cinch strap (the strap that comes with the 265 boot) to hold me in a little more, and then I thought I'd give the 'power toe' a go. The idea behind the power toe is that it angles your toes up ever so slightly so that you are naturally putting your weight a little more in the balls of your foot than in your toes. Coupled with the low 'wedge' heel, it means It's easy to dig in both your heels and the ball of your foot.

And of course I went to town on the colours. With the full custom option, you can send in a file of a design that Riedell can put on your skate either as a cut-out on the top of the upper OR as a cut-out overlay. I got the London skyline on the inside of one boot, and then I racked my brain to think of other things I liked, but all I could think of was 'ROLLERSKATING!', so I got a skate on my skate ;)

Pretty much every time I put these boots on, they make me happy because they are SO pretty!