Boot Bananas by Kid Block

Written by Double Threat Skates


Posted on March 19 2016

Our friend Kid Block tells us about her experience with the Boot Bananas!

''I have smelly skates.  This is what i’m told.  I’d like to point out at this juncture, that it is NOT my feet… in every day real life situations, my shoes and feet are just fine (promise).  However, I choose to skate barefoot… I skate up to 10 hours a week... this is a problem.

Enter the Boot Bananas… firstly, GREAT name, great idea… they look like bananas, same size, same shape, same everything!  They don’t smell like bananas though, which is cool for me, as I don’t really dig that smell.

The main thing I instantly smelt upon pulling them out of their neat packaging, is LAVENDER… lots and lots of lavender… if this smell isn’t something you’re keen on, then get out now.  However, if you dig it, or don’t mind it.. keep reading.

They were designed by a cool ass rock climbing couple to combat ‘Phils’ smelly feet.  Oh Phil.. I feel you bro.  

The thing I definitely needed was something to absorb the moisture (as well as disguise the smell) after 3 or 4 hours of sweating it up in my skates… it definitely did that.  You can literally feel the difference in the weight of the boot banana after a few uses, as your sweat and moisture is sucked up into the banana (by the natural blend of salts and minerals, including baking soda and zeolite) - yum.  There are a ton of neat ingredients in the boot banana, and all are natural, avoiding any synthetic chemicals.  

The main downside to these guys is their weight… they are pretty heavy to start out with, and once your foot moisture starts getting sucked up they become even heavier.  This is fine if you never plan on taking them out of your house/skate cupboard, but if you want them for travel it can be a bit of a downside.

How long do they last?  That will vary from person to person depending on sweat amount… they suggest using the ‘ripeness factor’ to determine when it’s time to move on… the banana will turn brown over time, and when it’s fully brown it’s time to get a new pair (again... yum).  For the average person this is around 6 months, for me it was more like 3.

Boot bananas - i’m feeling ya!

Kid Block''