Wheel Compatibility Chart

Written by Double Threat Skates


Posted on August 07 2023

Do all wheels fit on all plates?

No, not necessarily. Generally, the skates we sell have long enough axles to accommocate most wheels, though there are too many variables in different wheel brands and tire sizes and hub shapes to guarantee any one type fitting on every plate.

For the most part, yes many wheels will fit on most skate plates, especially higher performance plates, though there are the occasional instances where certain wheels may not fit on certain axles. In this instance, be sure that your bearings are sitting all the way in your wheels, you don't have any washers on the axles, and that your axle nuts aren't taking up too much space on the axle (i.e. you don't have super thick axle nuts.)

Though, it is of course frustrating when you buy wheels and they happen to not work on your axles! And because of this, we have actually started a little chart where we test the compatability of different wheels to different plates! This is still a working document and always will be, as there's always new wheels and plates to be testing.

Here it is! If you have any wheel-to-plate compatabiility questions for us, anything you'd like to have tested, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can make it happen.