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Qube Juice, Qube 8-Ball & Qube Teal Bearings

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The QUBE Juice bearing was the first bearing to use QUBE 3D technology. Suregrip are confident that this bearing will not only make you roll faster but it won’t break the bank either. Skaters from around the country wanted a quality bearing that would help them compete on the national level. This bearing uses some of the technologies Suregrip developed in QUBE 3D along with a new special grease and a single Labyrinth seal. 


The QUBE 8-ball bearing is patterned after the Fafnir bearing of the late 70s, using Suregrip's 3D technology they have re-created this bearing for today’s market using modern day technology. This bearing contains 8 balls instead of the traditional 7 which has many advantages. The additional ball allows the load to be spread out evenly over the entire bearing instead of just one or two points. The additional ball also gives the bearing greater lateral load capabilities while turning, an important aspect of quad skating that many overlook. Lateral load is the force created while turning; it’s the momentum that wants to push you off the track. Using an 8-ball bearing will help distribute the load evenly over the entire bearing, in essence making a stronger bearing laterally. Combined with a deeper groove this gives you the ability to skate into turns harder with no worry of bearing blow out. For over 30 years this type of bearing has been the skaters choice for speed, if maximizing your cornering speed is what you’re after then the QUBE 8-ball bearing is the right bearing for you.


QUBE Teal is an ABEC-5 bearing with a nylon cage ideal for outdoor and rink skating.  Available in both 7mm and 8mm.

 **Please Note that these items ship from the USA so if they are out of stock, there will be a 4-6 week wait time for re-supply.

*See more at: http://www.suregrip.com/products-page/bearings/qube-bearings#sthash.jLknKqfB.dpuf

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