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Notorious RED Gear Deoderant

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If you've been disappointed by past deodorizers for your pads, helmets, gloves, skates, boots, jerseys, running shoes or daily work gear, NOTORIOUS is the Gear Deodorant for YOU!

If you've asked why gear deodorants tiptoe around getting rid of odors, or even make it worse, NOTORIOUS is the gear deodorant for you!

If you've been looking for a sledgehammer of gear deodorants to smash the stink, NOTORIOUS is the gear deodorant for you!

NOTORIOUS uses all-natural ingredients with powerful natural chemical odor killing properties to kill almost any odor your gear develops through regular use in your athletic regimen or at work on a daily basis. NOTORIOUS is not a perfume. It doesn't use drops of essential oils diluted to just convey scent.

There is nothing subtle about NOTORIOUS gear deodorant. It comes on strong when you first spray it, but it dries to a light, minty scent. And the odor is just...gone.


NOTORIOUS is the gear deodorant developed and manufactured by Sandra “Tara Armov” Frame and Stephen “Busta Armov” Greenberg in Los Angeles, CA. She’s been making and using NOTORIOUS for about ten years. It’s natural stuff (witch hazel, tea tree, peppermint and lavender essential oils) to help get rid of that dreaded gear stench we’ve become all-too accustomed to in roller derby and other sports where you sweat all over your gear (we’re looking at you Hockey Players).

How do I use NOTORIOUS?

It’s super easy! Shake the bottle well and lightly spray onto your gear after you’re done with it for the day. You get best results when you leave your gear out to dry overnight. And walla! Cleaner-smelling gear the next time you put it on.

Will NOTORIOUS harm my pads or clothing?

Nope, NOTORIOUS doesn’t degrade your gear, and so far we haven’t had it stain clothing. We’ve had customers use NOTORIOUS as a pre-wash treatment for clothes and furniture that have even been bombed with cat pee, and NOTORIOUS gets the smell out without harming the fabric. Pretty danged effective and awesome, don’t you think?!

Can I use NOTORIOUS on me?

Yes, you can use NOTORIOUS as a deodorant in a pinch! Remember, it’s not an anti-perspirant, but it will make you smell better if you can’t get to a shower post-workout. It’s tingly on the skin, which a lot of people enjoy.

Is NOTORIOUS for every body?
PLEASE NOTE: Do not use NOTORIOUS if you are known to have sensitive skin, skin allergies or any other allergies to fragrances. NOTORIOUS is not a disinfectant and is not antibacterial. NOTORIOUS is not a substitute for cleaning, drying and disinfecting gear regularly.

NOTORIOUS has not been tested for interactions with other chemicals, fragrances and/or products.  Always make sure there are no other chemical agents or other products being used on the gear you are treating. Some interactions have been known to cause allergic reactions. Always test NOTORIOUS in small areas for potential allergic reactions prior to widespread use on gear.

If you have an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and contact a physician.


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