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Mini Logo Park wheels Spotlight


Mini Logo wheel spotlight

Confused by all the options out there for skatepark wheels? We've picked and tested four wheels Perfect for Aggressive skating in a variety of situations!

90a 58mm
 black and white
Great for newer skaters wanting to skate bowls, minis and street, or wanting to skate to the skatepark without changing wheels.

90a 53mm
multi, black and white
Perfect for skating street in the wild where the ground is less forgiving than a nice smooth skatepark.

101 60mm
Black and White
Perfect for carving up big bowls and skating vert. Bigger than your average park wheel these hold their roll really well enabling you to get the most out of your pump on large ramps!

101a 54mm
Multi, white and Black
Great for tearing up the street section!
Small and hard, these wheels are perfect for grinds and slides in the street section.

Sold in sets of 4

Please note - if you have narrow trucks you may struggle to get your axle nuts on as these wheels have a little more space between the bearings. Please be aware of this before purchasing. If you find that the axle nuts don't screw all the way down you can flip the nut over so that the nylon is engaged. 

All wheels are A-cut



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