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Luna Skates - Mint Flash


Brand new and optimized: The LUNA SKATE "MINT FLASH"! As usual, the new LUNA SKATES impress with their combination of top quality and beautiful looks. Thanks to the high-quality outer material, the skates offer you a high level of comfort and also perfect stability when skating. The specially optimized rollers made of polyurethane ensure an even more comfortable ride and more cushioning. In addition, the adjustable stopper offers extra security and gives you the opportunity to adjust your LUNA SKATES individually. All of these factors make Luna Skates the ideal roller skate for all riders and every area of ​​use. In the new "MINT FLASH" look, the LUNA SKATES come in a simple mint green, a real eye-catcher in combination with the black elements of the skate,which guarantees you every mege of attention and perfectly rounds off the overall package of roller skates!

Note: Since leather is a natural product, slight color deviations are possible. The label in the shoe reads "mixed fabric", as the heel area is provided with a Lycra fabric.

Please be aware that these skates were NOT developed for ramps or skatepark use so any skating done on them for this purpose is entirely at your own risk and will not be covered under warranty. Luna themselves advise NOT to use them for skateparks for this reason, and therefore we will also hold up the same policy in terms of warranty. IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE THEM FOR RAMPS/PARKS - IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.

Find the right size!
The best thing to do is to simply measure your foot (or the insole of an existing shoe) and then choose the right size.

Shoe size Inside dimension Suitable up to foot size
36/UK 3 23.2 cm 22.2 cm
37/UK 4 24 cm 23 cm
38/UK 5 24.6 cm 23.6 cm
39/UK 6 25.2 cm 24.2 cm
40/UK 6.5 25.8 cm 24.8 cm
41/UK 7 26.5 cm 25.5 cm
42/UK 8 27.2 cm 26.2 cm
43/ UK9 27.9 cm 26.9 cm

Upper shoe: High quality, soft suede
Chassis: Stable aluminum chassis
Rolls: Brilliant movement 62 × 38 mm; Material: PU
Roll hardness: 80A, Super High Rebound
Locking system: Lacing
Ball bearings: ABEC 9
Stopper: Adjustable
Country of manufacture: China

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