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Waxed 10mm Derby Laces


Not every colour is available in every size, we have a wide assortment! If the one you are after says ''Contact Us for Availability'', it means it is sold out. Please look over the colours and lengths in the pictures to make sure you have the right one!
Derby Laces 10mm ''Waxed'' and ''Style'': These laces are a super high quality polyester lace made out of long strand, polyester fibers braided together to form a super tough skate lace. It then goes through a double waxing process where the lace is first saturated with high quality wax, and then a second process removes the excess wax. This makes our laces less "waxy” than a lot of competitors. It removes the candle effect where other laces are stiff and shed wax during use. These laces are really nice to touch, yet they perform extremely well and provide all the benefits of a waxed lace. People that traditionally hate waxed laces, typically find these to be really nice, and prefer them over the non waxed. They stay tied tight and where you want them. The tips are molded out of the lace material itself and can often be repaired by reheating. 

There are thinner 6mm versions available in funkier colours. Check out the CORE Derby Laces product!
If you are after super sparkly options, check out these ones here instead:

SPARK by Derby Laces 7mm Metallic: We have spent several years developing this metallic lace. These laces are 7-8mm wide and are suitable for most all skates and shoes. They are made out of high quality polyester that has been braided for strength and durability. They have a metallic sheen to them that is truly remarkable. The metallic qualities of these laces cause them to create a slight friction in the lacing process giving them a lot of the positive features of the waxed laces. They stay tied and tight and where you want them, while being easier to unlace quickly. They are EXTREMELY LIGHT for anyone trying to shed all excess weight in the skates. They have a hardened plastic tape tip with the word SPARK on them. 


Derby Laces are treated with the perfect amount of performance wax that feels awesome to the touch. They stay tied, tight, and where you want them while skating.


Derby Laces are braided from a blend of high quality, high tenacity fibers. They are exceptionally soft, have high tensile strength, and are resistant to abrasion and moisture.


Derby Laces are available in a large variety of attractive colors and designs. We are constantly expanding our selection of colors and sizes to suit the needs of our skaters.


Derby Laces feature a tri-fold tip molded out of the lace material itself. There are no plastic or metal bits to peel off or break. The lace tip is easy to lace and extremely durable. Simple damage can be repaired by flaming the tip.

We have LOTS of options for you to choose from but only limited stock of each, so if you see a 'Contact Us For Availability' message when you select which one you want, it means it's out of stock.

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