Chaya Sneekrskate Plates DLX – Double Threat Skates


Chaya Sneekrskate Plates DLX

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DLX White/Orange

Designed with a wide trainer-shaped base to mount onto any trainers for a smooth comfy ride!

The brand starts initially with a full aluminium casted plate featuring a wide shoe shaped deck that maximises the contact patch to every type of sneaker and therefore giving maximum leverage to steer wider trucks. A built-in heel rise gives a comfortable stance and a toe rise follows the natural shape of a shoe for a clean look.

The DLX plate features wide trucks including Jelly Interlock cushions paired with Sneekrskate Darts wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 freespin bearings for easy cruising.

Outdoor wheels in size 62mmx38mm / 80A hardness together with the wide trucks give the plate it's cool skateboard oriented look and provides a smooth and stable ride. Special features are the options to add a heel stopper to the plate for more safety or a Chaya Karma grind block for skatepark use.

No matter if you want to create fully functional skatepark skates or just want to have the coolest boardwalk skates out there. Just pick your favourite type of sneakers and the Sneekrskate plate and you will have just that. 

Wheels - Dart 62mmx38mm Outdoor 80a Orange

Cushions - Jelly interlock

Bearings - Wicked ABEC 9 freespin

Toestop - White, non adjustable


A note on sizing: these are sized in ranges, however we have personally found that if you are on the smaller size, you might want to consider getting the plate size down. eg: I wear an EU39 but because the 39-41 is large enough for a 41, it was too big for my sneakers. If you need a hand with sizing, just shoot us an email:

Please note: Heavy or park/ramp use will still require mounting with aluminium strengthening insoles to avoid mounting bolts pulling through. You can check those out here  

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