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Chaya DIY park set up (Shari plate)

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As seen on the Chaya Karma skates, Chaya Shari plates are a great, low cost option to help you get started on ramps. 

The Shari is compatible with the Chaya Karma Grindplate, which is easily mounted on these plates using the DCM system. You can also buy the grind blocks seperately and add them later as your ramp skating develops. 

For non DCM boots the plate still offers the conventional mounting system.

Material: made out of nylon and fiberglas

Mounting: dual center mount (DCM)

Frame: made out of aluminium, 20° truck, casted

Cushions: Jelly Interlock PU - Cushions 92A

Toe Stop: natural rubber, long stem, flat head, off set. Please note these plates do NOT come with the allen key mechanism to hold the toestop in place. They have a nut and washer.

Grind Blocks: Black (for white please contact us)

When pairing Chaya plates with Chaya boots the unique selling point for CHAYA-plates is the patented Dual Center Mount (DCM): For the first time ever you can put a roller skate together with just two screws, so no extra mounting and drilling work, no misplaced frames, and no discussion about forward or backward mount. Now you are able to adjust the plate in the position you want, move it forward and backward and also on the front you can move it side to side. You will always find your perfect balance & setup and enjoy skating like never before. You can even adjust the frame from event to event if needed, from flat track to bank track or from indoor to outdoor. 

Please: note that there may be a 2-3 week wait for these if we do not have them in stock. If you would like to know an accurate ETA for your order please email us at 

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