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The New Reckless XE Wheel: Sutton Impact Review

Reckless Evader XE!

My initial thoughts after a couple of scrimmages!

I’m a 38mm by 59mm diameter wheel kind of guy as I like the extra agility that comes with slim wheels and improved clearance due to my preference for super loose trucks; this has therefore meant I have gravitated in the past towards Atom Jukes and Radar Bullets as my key wheels of choice. (Although I have tried loads of others)

I had a chat with Karl Lagerfilled from GRNMNSTR Europe about the Evader XE wheels at the Men’s European Roller Derby Championships and was eager to get my hands on a set….therefore when Double Threat Skates got them in I jumped at the chance to try them out!

 I chose a combination of 88a and 91a durometer hardness for this initial trial as this is    what I currently use for with Jukes and Bullets at our usual training venue and after the  first hour or so of wearing the wheels in with lots of lateral blocking drills with Henry the  Sk8th I felt I had worn in the wheel suitably and could give them a proper going over with  2 scrimmages in one day -- thank you Southern Discomfort and Oxford Roller Derby!

 Verdict: the  wheels felt  very light with a strong inner core that didn’t seem to flex or distort when playing but the key selling point that the GRNMNSTR team like to point promote is the ‘lip’ that apparently isn’t available on any other slim wheel at present and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that I could actually feel an extra bit of grip at the end of my cross over pushes when chasing through the pack and a very good overall roll…..a good positive first test!!

Now this was my initial test over one weekend and I’m going to have to provide an update when I have had a chance to assess how well they wear compared to their main rivals but these are staying on my skates for the time being! The new Reckless XE wheels also come in a 62mm height called the Ikon for those of you that prefer a higher wheel.

The Evaders are definitely one to consider when choosing a slim setup especially if you like pastel coloured wheels!.... the only downside I could find ;)

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         Evader                      Ikon