So this is the set up I’m currently trialling: 
*New PowerDyne Arius plate
*Standard Bont microfiber boot 
*A different make of wheel on each corner (all 38mmx59mm) 
*Crazy Bloc toe stop 
So I’ve preferred a 10 degree style of plate for many years (30+ years) but this doesn’t mean I’m against trying different things such as the 45 degree Avenger plate (see previous plate review) but when I originally saw a prototype of the what was to become the new Arius plate I was very intrigued to say the least!
I decided to mount these to the same type of boot as I’ve recently been using with my Reactor plates as this would mean that only one key item was changing and  therefore stop ‘contamination’ of the item being reviewed!
So Jen Sykes (DTS employee of the month November 2013) kindly mounted these for me and they were hand delivered to the next Southern Discomfort training session by the very kind ShaneO ‘Flapjack Bully’ Aisbett (DTS employee of the month December 2013)
I kept the default yellow/green 86 durometer  butterfly cushion choice that the Arius comes with and after the first 3 hour training session I have to say  I loved them! I really didn’t think that there would be another plate design that would make me move away from the Reactor (I have 3 sets of these) but the Arius has proved me wrong…
Things to keep an eye on and my only real niggles in the month I have been skating on these plates
The bolt used for tightening the toe stop has a weak spot in it’s design which means it can sheer if you tighten it too much, this in itself is easy enough to replace and isn’t an issue with the rest of the plate design  and I believe the bolt design is in the process of being changed by Riedell. 
The bolt holding the trucks in place needs to be checked occasionally to ensure it’s nice and tight otherwise you’ll notice you’re missing a couple of wheels!  I know 3 people that this has happened to but a quick maintenance check is enough to avoid this happening.
Now as an additional test after solely skating on the Arius plate for the last few weeks, I took a set of identical boots with a reactor plates to a Big Bucks session at their (very) slippery training venue and skated in both setups and I can simply say that the Arius won hands down…I had more grip in the corners, they seemed so much more responsive with a great turn and snap...
I am an Arius convert……they’re not cheap for sure… but you’re worth it….
Here's the link if you are interested in taking a look at the product:
  • Pros of the plate design
  • Super lightweight
  • Simple set and forget format
  • Nice ‘turn’ action
  • Same sizing as Reactor plates
  • Quick to adapt
  • Impression of improved bite when cornering
  • Great ‘snap’
  • My new best friend


  • fine tuning’ restricted to cushion choice only
  • Slight amount of ‘squirreling’ at low speed compared to Reactor (minimal and only really noticed when initially trying the plates) 
  • Only available in red! Seem to land heavier on these plates compared to standard kingpin design. 
  • Check the truck pivot bolt is nice and tight or you’ll be missing a couple of wheels
  • Toe stop tightening bolt has a weak spot (stronger bolt is on it’s way from Riedell)