Magnesium Avenger DA45 – Double Threat Skates


Magnesium Avenger DA45


The Avenger is a light weight skate plate that utilizes the 45 degree kingpin design that Suregrip pioneered more than 20 years ago.  Super agile, super light.

This plate has super manueverability. We don't recommend it for park skating or speed. Use this plate if you want a really squirrelly, spinny feel.

The Avenger plate features some unique design elements that make this plate different from all the rest:

  • Hollow kingpin: Specially designed kingpin for this plate only. 30% lighter than a traditional kingpin using hardened prime grade steel. The specially designed kingpin will only fit on the Avenger and will come pre-installed.
  • Hollow center: Hollowed out center section to save weight. Along with the hollow center the height has been raised to increase the rigidity length wise. When compared to the Invader plate the weight savings will be greater with the larger sizes but you can expect a significant decrease in weight when compared to the standard Invader plate.
  • Aluminum alloy / Magnesium alloy: Unique weight saving techniques have allowed the weight to be cut by 12% when compared to the standard Invader plate. Magnesium alloy being even lighter, they save an additional 15%, this is a total of 25% from the standard Invader.



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