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**SALE** Crazy DBX4 PRO Boot Only

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The DBX4 Pro boot features all of the support and science in the DBX4 boot, but in order to drastically reduce the weight of the boot, we have removed the vulcanized rubber outsole of the DBX4 and concealed a rigid, handmade lightweight fibreglass sole within the boot. The result is the DBX4 PRO - an incredibly light, vegan, performance boot, with even more customisation options than it’s predecessor.

To perfect the feel of your boot, aside from all of the standard on board features of the DBX line, a removable internal heel wedge allows you to choose to skate in the traditional ‘inclined heel’ stance, or remove the wedge for a ‘flat soled’ feel.

The DBX4 PRO has stealthy lines with it’s matte finish microfiber. It is just as durable as it’s the leather variation (DBX6 PRO) but is ever so slightly lighter due to material thickness.


What is a DBX?

The Crazy Skates DBX range are a family of performance boots specifically designed for the modern roller derby game. Subtle changes in each model cater to the personality and style of the individual skater, the pinnacle of which is the entirely custom DNA custom DBX boot – a totally unique expression of your personality. Each and every DBX boot is built with a signature set of features that give these skates a distinct performance advantage that must be felt to be believed. If you believe that aching feet, tingling toes, black toenails, blisters and calluses are all an unavoidable part of skating…. You haven’t tried a DBX yet.

No matter how or where you skate, Crazy DBX Skates have the support, durability, science and versatility to take your skating to the next level – and beyond.


To enhance your skating experience, DBX  boots offer some of the highest levels of support and highest level of heat mould ability of any boots on the market. It is essential to keep your feet balanced and supported evenly across the whole of a skate boot. This way, you are not exerting pressure on any one part of the boot to achieve an overall result – you can use your whole foot to control your skating movement. No single feature can create this feeling in a boot. So, to achieve this, a number of Patented features within the DBX boots work together simultaneously to provide  skaters with a complete level of support. 

This support system and HLT (Heel Lock Technology) helps  skaters  by keeping feet aligned and comfortable while offering toes, ankles and arches the support and protection they need. Keeping feet aligned and supported is not a pretty subject to market and advertise, but we happen to think that is the most defining feature of any boot.  Like the strength of any building, it is only as strong as the foundations it stands on, your skates are no different.  Once your feet are correctly seated in a boot and that boot supports your ankles - promoting a low centre of gravity through the distribution of your weight through arch support, heel lock and a variable toe box, you have all of the elements to promote an effective and efficient skating technique.  The DBX boot is one of the few skating boots on the market today to achieve this.

Heel Lock Technology is a patented system unique to the DBX boot that eliminates heel lift from the ankle out of the boot with a combination of strategically placed padding and support straps. This system also prevents lateral movement in the toe area and stops your foot from sliding forward when you stand on your toe stops.

The combination of heel lock technology, heat moulding and specially designed power straps to keep your foot locked in place while you play - Maximising the comfort and efficiency of your movement. This keeps you performing powerfully while other skaters battle with fatigue and strain.  With a stable foundation, your skating skill will increase dramatically because you are no longer losing energy in your stride with heel slip. With your feet firmly fastened, you are able to direct your energy to your game and your technique.


All DBX boots provide you with high quality orthopaedic footbed innersoles. This is evidence of our total commitment to ensuring a supportive and comfortable skate boot that truly performs. Arch support is vitally important in any skating boot and it has been totally overlooked by most major manufacturers of skate boots on the market today. Everyone has different feet. Everyone requires individualised arch support. Sometimes, different arch support is required on each foot. The DBX provides this support by including fully adjustable footbeds that use movable micro inserts to give you arch support in the height and location that is right for YOU. The footbed technology provides a support for the arch that is just one part of the total system of support that has been designed for the DBX range.

Heat moldability:

The Genius of the DBX boot construction is that it is lined with a rigid internal structure of ABS counters. These counters come to life when heated, becoming totally pliable so that you can wrap the boot around your foot and set it to the exact shape you need. These counters then set, leaving your boot solid and supportive – but in the shape of your foot. A totally custom fit! This gives you a boot that fits like a second skin, spreading your body forces across the largest possible surface area within your boot. This all but eliminates the many discomforts associated with skating boots. This process of heating and setting your boot into shape can occur countless times, to adapt to your changing needs and progressing skating techniques.

For those who have been told that they need a custom boot for their ‘strange feet’, DBX boots can be made extremely narrow or extremely wide, or both. The only fixed parameter is the length of the boot, everything else can be formed for YOUR feet.


When deciding to invest in a boot that actively supports your body, you are making a choice for stronger skating, higher levels of performance and better health in the long term. You want that investment to last you the distance – this is why the DBX range are built with added reinforcement in all the places necessary to keep your skates lasting for years.

Intentionally placed scuff guards, wear resistant toe caps and double layered materials give the already rugged leather and microfiber outer skin of your DBX boots extra protection from scuffs, slides and tumbles. Mechanical and chemical bonds secure DBX boots to their soles, creating a clamping effect that strengthens the entire skate. Our eyelets are double reinforced so they never pull out and our laces are legendary in the industry for their longevity and their great colours.

We only manufacture with the highest quality latex memory foam in our DBX range, meaning that your skate will fit the same, year after year without sagging or flattening. Our heat mouldable ABS material never breaks down in the presence of sweat like the cardboard counters that give other skates their stiffness. To put it simply, your DBX skates will never end up looking like the “old worn out leather boot”.

In short, Crazy Skates DBX Boots are bulletproof performers that Derby players worldwide trust to carry them through bouts and tournaments, year after year. No matter how or where you skate, Crazy DBX Skates have the support, durability, science and versatility to take your skating to the next level – and beyond….. 

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