Reckless XE Evader and Ikon wheels – Double Threat Skates


Reckless XE Evader and Ikon wheels

£15.00 £44.95

all wheels come in sets of 4.

Last of the line!

Evader 59mm x 38mm

Ikon 62mm x38mm

The Reckless XE line adds a new durometer to the range of options, 91A. This new formula of Reckless wheels is a definite upgrade featuring even better grip, stronger cores, better durability and fancy new colors. As always, the 59 mm Evader XE gives a skater the ability to start and stop quicker, with greater lateral movement and agility than with standard sized wheels. The smaller profile also gives you a lower ‘center of gravity’, which improves stability. The 62 mm Ikon will allow for more roll, but still allows the skater the agility and lateral movement they are looking for in a wheel.

See what the ‘lip’ can do for your game.fancy new colors. Reckless wheels give the skater a ‘lip’ that is needed for adding more stability, grip, and ‘snap’ at the end of your push. This revolutionary molded lip on a mid-width wheel is exclusive to reckless, and it will give you the advantage necessary to take your skating to the next level.

Comes in 4 different durometers and all new colours.


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