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Mota TKO Wheels


Why DTS loves these: SOOOOOOOOO light. OMG! Just a really lovely wheel to skate on. Feels like a bit of luxury under your feet!

Available in 3 options and sold in packs of 4.

We keep limited stock of these items, lead can be 1-2 weeks if out of stock.

Size: 59X38mm

Firm 93 – Rolls like 95, Grips like 91 – Black
XFirm 95 – Rolls like 97, Grips like 93 – Purple
XXFrim 97 – Rolls like 99, Grips like 95 – White 

And now for the technical stuff:

We must go back to the early 80’s when Precision Sports introduced the ‘smelly’ material for the first time. This unique chemistry dominated the quad speed skating scene for years. The name of the actual wheel was TURBO.  Precision Sports 1969-current, paved the way for wheel manufacturing when it came to roller speed skating wheels)!

Turbo wheels had an odor that everyone has now learned to love. As a racer, you would CRACK THE PACK AND SNIFF them before installing them on your skates to ensure you had the GENUINE formula. It is a unique smell that changed the way indoor race wheels performed forever.

Fast forward to the present: Mota Skates owners –  Doug and Julie Glass have returned to their roots working with Precision Sports using their latest version of GENUINE material to develop the TKO series.

As a company that is founded and owned / operated For Skaters By Skaters, it’s our responsibility to share info and give you all the facts about products to the best of our knowledge. As well as continue developing products that enhance our sport, make it more fun and do what’s possible within our ability to provide you products that improve your skating experience at fair prices.

Mota is marking all the wheels we make with the GENUINE CRACK-N-SNIFF materials to ensure there is no confusion. This smell is only produced by two vendors, both in California, USA.  Each have their own mix of this material.  It also tends to chunk and not bond as well as traditional outdoor materials or better known as ‘hybrid’ materials.

Be aware of brands marketing wheels stating they have the genuine or “a mix” of hybrid & genuine CRACK-N-SNIFF materials. Take it up on yourself, CRACK-N-SNIFF…NO SMELL THEN IT’S NOT THE GENUINE MATERIALS that cost twice as much.  Once you smell it you will forever know it.  The smell will dissipate after the wheels are removed from their packaging so the real test is when they are new.

Some brands are using it in hard wheels and not in the soft wheels to avoid chunking. The larger the core, the thinner the urethane which is prone to chunking.

TKO wheels (all durometers) are all 100% the good stuff, GENUINE…CRACK-N-SNIFF.

Feel free to ask questions (contact Mota) and check / SMELL for yourself!

NOTE: There are lots of great wheels that don’t have ‘CRACK-N-SNIFF’.  This unique formula allows you to have a very hard wheel with exceptional grip.  For some skaters, it is too much grip but for many – nothing can replace it. They don’t last as long as hybrid (Outdoor) materials but when you are looking for one set of super high-performance wheels the famous CRACK-N-SNIFF formula is a great choice.

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