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Kwik Full Ceramic Bearings


Kwik Ceramic bearings are made using ceramic ball bearings, which accelerate faster and roll further than their steel counterparts and have a higher resistance to dirt, moisture and also have a higher chemical resistance. Titanium Nitride hardens and strengthens the surfaces that it is applied to, giving a life expectancy of three or more times longer versus bearings without this coating. Ceramic ball bearings combined with the corrosion resistance titanium nitride, give the Kwik Ceramic bearings a reinforced, striking gold finish which offer remarkable performance.

Here's what London Rollergirls' Ballistic Whistle has to say about them:

''This is the hidden gem in every high level skater's set up. That item that is, when ogling their setup from the crowd, impossible to identify. You could clock them whizzing by you on track and easily identify which boots or wheels they're on. If you have a particularly keen eye you may even be able to identify the plate and toe stops. Being able to tell which bearings a skater is wearing is some next level situational awareness though! You probably would've had to sneak into their locker room and take a peek at their setup before they hit the track. Also, don't do that, it's really creepy and weird.

Over the past few years, Riedell has brought out a range of products that have really upped my skating game. The first was the 495, which came out some 6 or 7 years ago now. Following on from that, there was the Arius plate and Presto wheels. Those two items pretty much sell themselves (and are super easy to spot without sneaking into locker rooms). But, the one thing that I am shocked (actually not surprised, based on what I wrote above) isn't buzzed about in the same way as those other items, is the Kwik Ceramic Bearings.

These things are amazing. I didn't realise how much of my energy (I'm not just talking physics here, I'm talking "actual" fitness energy) was lost to a non-optimal bearing. Historically I had been pretty good at keeping my bearings well cleaned and lubed, but nothing I had done historically compared to the smooth and never-ending roll I got from these ceramics. They spin....forever...and get the idea. Better than that, they don't require lubing, so there's not that added work or expense. Before each session, I give all my wheels a roll and if any of them don't spin freely, then it's just a matter of getting my toothbrush in there and cleaning out whichever little piece of grit or dirt has nestled in there. Probably best to make sure that toothbrush doesn't go back into your bathroom cabinet though.

There are bearing nerds out there who will tell you that what matters is how smooth the roll is under load. I'm not the heaviest of skaters, but under the pressure I skate with, they roll so smooth. If you have the oportunity, get your hands on one, place it on your finger-tip, spin it around, and then go make a cup of tea while you wait for it to stop. I have not been able to skate faster than these bearings can roll and have so much more energy now.

If you take one thing from this post it is that you should definitely not go creeping into other people's locker rooms!''

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