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DogDays Skate Magazine


We are SO excited to stock this new magazine! Ex-Stuttgart Rollergirls skater Polly Purgatory/Marta's new venture, we always love supporting fellow skaters' cool projects. Check it out!

DogDays is Europe’s first print magazine for aggressive roller skating, based in
It is made by journalist and passionate roller skater Marta Popowska and graphic
designer/photographer and skateboarder Jonas Vietense.
Both wanted to use their professional skills to create an independent magazine
that gives the growing roller skating scene a plattform. DogDays Magazine is
about rad tricks, the love of roller skating and cool personalities that carry the
positive vibes of this fresh movement.

Interviews, tips, product info and great photography. This magazine is a great resource for aggressive skaters.


''We believe that each scene needs a platform. With our magazine we want to provide this platform. Made by people that love, live and breathe skating we know that even though instagram and social media is nice but there is nothing compared to the feeling of finding your picture on the cover of a magazine.

So far this young scene is not only under-represented, yet in Europe no magazine exists that will show women and men on roller skates. We want to change this.
We want to empower fearless women and men to own skateparks and the
streets. By featuring the stars as well as less known skaters we show that every-
one who wants to can be part of this thriving movement.''

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