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Grindstone Heartstoppers


The cutest toestops in the world are here!

All the way from Austin, Texas by way of NYC, Chelsea Quinlan is the sole owner of Grindstone Skate Society. Chelsea played roller derby with Gotham and studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

After relocating to Austin and taking up park skating, she created the patented Heartstopper toestop and it's been taking the underground skate world by storm, and no doubt have you seen them all over IG.

NEW DEADSTOP FORMULA: Heartstoppers in deadstop rubber give skaters more controlled stops with less slide! Slip no more running out of bowls + have a strong yet pliable stick for advanced toe stop tricks, stalls, and dead stops. For roller skates that use adjustable toe stops only. Only available in some colours.

NEW LiLs - with Deadstop formula!!!! Giddy up! these teenie weenie inbetweenies are small like a jam plug but thick like a toe stop. made of the same higher quality rubber as deadstop heartstoppers, you can wear these bbs at the skatepark, in the street, and on ramps. the gradual wear of heartstopper LiLs will be able to ease you in to the world of jam plugs or taking your toe stops out completely! ONLY AVAILABLE IN SHORT STEM

These are available in 2 stem lengths: 17mm (shortstem) and 31.75mm (longstem).

Because of the small manufacturing process at this stage, we only have limited stock.

These will NOT be compatible with skates such as Impala that do not have adjustable toestops. We have another product for Grindstone Bolt-On Toestops.

These will work with any imperial thread plates, but not metric (eg: Roll-Line plates).

If the one you are after is unavailable, please contact us and we can arrange a pre-order for you, with our next delivery.

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