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Wifa Street Deluxe Full Skate Package


Boots on their own are £189.95 - add your components to find the total price. Prices range from £359.95-£435.95.


We have a full sizing run of these boots in the shop and then we will usually order these in for you to make your custom build.  Wait time varies depending on stock availability but it's generally been about 2 weeks.  Contact us if you're after a more specific wait times on the size/colour you are after. Wait time may be up to 6 weeks if they are not in stock with Wifa.

Let us know if you are interested in the full skate package option as there are about a bajillion options!


Very flexible upper made of firm NUBUCK leather (thickness 2.0-2.2 mm), soft ankle padding providing both – support and protection of the ankle. The ankle PAD also prevents wrinkles in the ankle area.
The boots are designed for daily fun so they are very breathable and comfy due to the soft padding (tongue and boots) and the leather lining.
After a successful introductory period, this model has been continuously upgraded with better and better materials.  The suede leather is replaced by a very high quality, extra soft smooth leather lining and it will be reinforced a bit more in the ankle area.
 More than 90% made of natural materials sourced in Europe!
 Leather upper, leather lining, leather soles, wooden heel

The NUBUK leather boots have all the advantages of the suede shoes, but are made of firmer, thicker leather of a higher quality. For the stronger NUBUK version, we use 2 mm thick nubuck leather. The thick leather alone makes the boots stronger and more durable. Skaters who use their skates on a daily basis can develop their skills with firmer and therefore more durable boots.  They also can practice their first roller figure skating figures (not suitable for inline skaters, as more lateral stability is required here).  

Upper: Suede leather 2 - 2.2mm thick - padded

Liner: ultra soft smooth and breathable leather

Stiffness: ankle re-enforcement, padding, soft boot

Soles: leather soles, wooden heels, natural colour

Width: C-wide, comfortable with adjustable lacing

Sizes: 35-42EU (we have limited sizes of Black in 43, 44 and 45 while stocks last)

Use: jam/rhythm, street skating, basic park skating (simply due to a lot of advanced park skaters prefering a slightly thicker and more rigid boot)


Hornet (+£100): lightweight nylon base with aluminium trucks with adjustable pivot pins. These have 7mm axles and an imperial thread toestop. They have a 20 degree kingpin so perfect for dance, rhythm, jam and general skating.

Elyo (+£150): lightweight aluminium plates with alu trucks and adjustable pivot pins. These have 7mm axles and a metric thread toestop. They have a 20 degree kingpin also.

WHEELS + Bearings (+£70)

Fomoteam: 58mmx32mm/82A - a slightly harder outdoor wheel so this would be the better option if you are planning on doing more indoor dance skating.

Glasfox: 65mmx35mm/78A - soft outdoor wheel, perfect for skating from A to B.

  • WIFA Size Chart

    EU size UK size Insole length (mm) Outer sole length (mm)
    36 3.5 239 243
    37 4.5 247 250
    38 5 252 256
    39 6 260 260
    40 6.5 265 265
    41 7.5 272 272
    42 8 277 277
    43 9 285 290
    44 9.5 289 290
    45 10 293 295



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