Giggity's (Chris) Set Up


Name Giggity

Team Southern Discomfort Roller Derby


Custom Hybrid Durolite Carbon Bonts with grandmas padding, lace loop and durolite liner. This boot fits my narrow with a wider front foot shape very well. I didn't even have to heat mould them because they felt great from the start. The addition that I have made add to the comfort of the boot. The added extras in the new Bonts (heel egg and toe guard) is a great addition and I can really tell the difference in my heel security from last years model. I also love how light this boot is. 


Arius with hard cushions (red/ 92a) all round. A very light well made plate. With a second version coming out about a year ago, the differences that they have made make it a truly effective and efficient plate. The harder cushions allow me to make explosive movement more effective.


88a Bont Royal Assasins. Again a very light wheel with the micro bearings. The wheel is well made and you can tell. It gives a consistent grip level through most pressures as the hub allows for no flex. The edge is nice and not too sharp either.

Knee Pads - S1 Gen 2 with Ennui gaskets. The gaskets allow my knees to be 'knee pad shape' and knee pads are like landing on nothing.

Elbows - No clue, had them for 5 years. They do the job.

Wrists - 187 Derby wrist. I was looking for a more robust wristguard, so I gave these a go. They feel very comfy and have an added extra of a sweat band material on the back which comes in very handy. Offers great support and is well made.

Helmet - S1 Mega Lifer. Great for odd shaped heads like mine. Sits deep enough so that it feels secure without even putting the strap on. 

Extras - Sisu mouthguard. Simply the best mouthguard on the market. Allows me to do everything I need to do and stay protected.