Gaz's Set Up


Name Gaz

Teams  London Rollergirls' London Brawling and England Roller Derby

Time playing derby  7 years I think


Custom Riedell Suede 495 Boots with an added set back eyelet. - I have tried almost every boot but keep coming back to the 495. I find I prefer suede/leather boots because they respond really naturally when you skate. The 495 boot is the prefect shape for my foot even though I am right between a 4 and a 4.5. The added set back eyelet keeps my heel locked in super snuggly, I don't even have to use the ankle closure lock!


Roll Line Killer Titanium. - I am constantly torn between the Arius and the Killer. I find the Arius very reactive and powerful. Great for footwork. Because of the more efficacy energy transfer that comes from the design of the butterfly cushions it responds very quickly. My first impression was that it was reading my mind! I just had to think of something and my feet were already doing it. Very fun to skate on! But I have settled on the Killer for the moment because it allows be to be more grounded than than the Arius, which is quite important for a relatively small blocker such as myself. I feel like I can dig into my plows more with the Killer. Because of the split kingpin angle I find it allows me to sink into my edges, without the sludgy/slow feeling I get from a plate with a higher kingpin angle, so I can still have snappy footwork.


My favourite wheels so far are the Radar Prestos. They are made from a high quality urethane, which gives you excellent roll and grip (as cliche as that sounds) plus a hub that reaches almost to the edge of the wheel, which means you can use your wheels right to the very edge without them flexing. The presto is the only wheel I have found that has a hub that supports the edges so well. I do also love the feel of Rollerbones Turbos but I find the 62mm wheels too tall. Can't wait until they come out with the 59mm range!

Pads 187 derby wrist, 187 elbow, S1 knee, S1 helmet

Bearings 7mm Roll Line speed max.