COVID-19 UPDATE – Double Threat Skates



Double Threat Skates

Posted on March 22 2020

We want to keep our community, staff and ourselves as safe as possible during this time. We closed our doors to the public about a week before official government requirements to do so.

Fear not, we are still operating online! We have managed to move all operations to one of our owner's living rooms and we're able to ship to you from our sofa ;)

Please be aware that we are shortstaffed at the moment. We literally have 1 person (who is a parent of a 4 year old!) packaging up orders, checking emails and following up orders at this time. Our other owner is caught in lockdown in New Zealand and we have had to furlough our other staff. Our 2 owners are responding to emails and social media posts but please bare with us as this may be slower than usual. Our suppliers are running with a delay, so any orders are subject to slight delays (usually add 2-3 days). We will always endeavour to contact you if something is running even later than anticipated.

Our suppliers are experiencing issues with their stock levels due to increased and unprecedented demand (YAY ISO ROLLERSKATING!) which means that products are going out of stock quicker than we can keep up. We will always email you to let you know and ask if you want to swap to something else or cancel. If we don't hear back from you, we may cancel your order out of courtesy as we are simply too shortstaffed to keep track.

Please refrain from contacting us about ETA's unless your order has gone over the specified time you were expecting it. You will always receive a dispatch email when we have posted it, so hold tight!

We have our fantastic Distance Fitting Service which has been operating for a year now with great success and we are available to chat via Instagram, Facebook, or our online chatbox Olark, and of course by email. We are currently unavailable over the phone unfortunately.

Please bare with us during this difficult time and we truly hope we can keep everyone rolling. We are trying our very best! Thank-you so much for your support and we hope to see you on the other side.