Ballistic (Balls) Whistle's Set Up


Name Balls/Ballistic Whistle/Tom/StickWhizz/BeeBaw

Teams Southern Discomfort Roller Derby

Length of time in derby almost the beginning of time as we know it in the derbyverse (Kitty wins by 1 month)


Riedell 495 (D/AA) Colorlab w/ Green EVA foam layer on sole. I've got a pretty qide ball of the foot, but always struggled with heel lift in a D/B. The D/AA last works really well for the shape of my foot.


Arius Plate - Semi-Soft on the front, Medium o
n the back. This lets me be swoopy and agile when facing forward, and when I want to explode of an edge, more responsiveness when pushing through my heel.


Prestos of varying durometers, but I have been playing around with the Halos for a bit. I feel like the Prestos go a long way to givign you a familiar skating feeling on a wide variety of surfaces. They're super responsive on the edges. I'm also digging the Halos as they're lighter and work the floor similarly to the Prestos. They are a little stiffer feeling though, so combined with the Arius which doesn't have your standard cylindrical cushions to absorb downforce, they can feel a little hard when landing from a great height.

S1 Knee Pads 
They give me good protection and have a nice slim profile which doesn't get in the way of my legs trying to keep up with my feet.

187 Slim elbow 
They fit my skinny arms really well and don't feel cumbersome at all.

187 Derby wrist  I really like the palm protection over a splint in my wristguards. The larger velcro padding has also meant they've laster longer than other small profile wristguards I've used.

S1 Lifer Helmet Love the way this fits my head. Super light and breathes well.

Honourable mention has to go to my Kwik Ceramic Bearings. They've done incredible things for how quickly I can get about the track. No longer is the rate of spin of my wheels inhibited by slow rolling bearings.